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Scared about Chemo #4 please pray!!

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Hello, I am going into my Chemo on Tues. July 28th, my 19th wedding anniversary! I am bummed about that but don't want to delay treatment. I will be doing my 4th chemo and I am scared. So far it had just been some neuropathy, constipation,first two was mouth sores, and lip burns but did not have them for the 3rd. I don't know what to expect, having dreams that the liver tumors are growing is this normal? I need your prayers for minimal side effects and shrinking tumors. God Bless you all, Patti

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will be praying here on the East Coast.


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I am on your schedule too and I feel the same way about this coming week. I had to have my Folfox and 5FU reduced by 15% because my hands were cramping so bad and my feet felt burned. I also noticed the tiredness is staying longer. If symptons get too bothersome make sure you tell your dr! I am also drinking all the ice cold stuff I can this weekend because afer Tuesday it will be about 5 - 7 days before I can.
But I just think of it this way....this cancer journey started in August of 2008, and with Stage IV it could have been very bad, but I have a great team of dr's that removed all the cancer and this chemo is just to make sure nothing is hanging around. If i feel like crap, think of what those DANG cancer cells feel like...so I will take a year of hell to get my life back and to spend with my family. I will be damned if my daughter will growup without a mom because I couldn't fight this battle. So to get through this chemo I think about how my family and friends have prayed and dedicated alot of hours to helping us, so I have to be strong and get through it.

Fight for my love
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I will be praying for you.Best luck and best wishes to you on next round of chemo.

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The timing is unfortunate, but maybe you guys can have a nice quiet evening together and take it nice and EZ.

Your liver tumors are shrinking, the chemo is doing its job, and you will make it through a little bit battered but the same ol' Patti that we care about. I just know it.

I'll say a prayer for you...I'm over here in "your corner."

I left a post on your Swine Flu, so I'll cut this one short...that's a first, huh?


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I know that having chemo during important dates is a bummer, but I guess having the chemo at anytime is a bummer. Maybe you could celebrate tomorrow night or wait until this weekend. I know that the days I have chemo I just feel too exhausted but maybe you will get that inner strength to go out and do something special. No matter when you celebrate it, I hope you have a great anniversary.


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I am scared also, I loose three days, Chemo and then two days with the bag ( I hate it)
I can't do my artwork. Or play outside ( its so hot in GA right know). I got a rash last week. I have a liver tumor ( this scars me the most).
Go out and have as much fun possible on your Anniversary. Your Family looks so nice, I have a 15y girl and 18y boy.

Hugs and Prayers

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positive thoughts your way. Hugs I'm going through my second round of chemo, and it's so fun I tell you, what's everyone complaining about, lol obviously I am joking. Hugs you will get through this.

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Thank you all for your prayers and comments, I guess I am just a litle more nervous than the timr before when it comes to the chemo. Everyone says it gets worse and that is a scary feeling. I truly believe that there is power in prayer! God Bless you all, Patti

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I'll be having my 11th out of 12 this Wednesday. August 12th is my last chemo and boy am I looking forward to that! I can make an appointment to have my port removed anytime after that day.

Hang in there girls (and gals).


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glad to hear you are almost done.i finished 10 treatments two weeks ago.10 is all my onc wanted me to do and i am so thankful for that.been having a lot of trouble with my blod.had to have 2 units of platlets and then two weeks later had to have 2 units of blood.my legs look awful with bruises all over them.onc said is is because my blood is so low.glad you are doing well and keep it up it will be over soon.Godbless......johnnybegood

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Hi Patti,

I'm sorry you're having to face your next chemo infusion on your anniversary. I think the lowest chemo day I had was when I had to go in early on the morning after Christmas (Dec 07). Getting up early for that after such a festive day was really a low & I was in tears the whole way there that day. That was a year and a half ago- hard to believe that it's been so long. Although this is a bummer, you can and will get through this.
Celebrate your anniversary w/ hubby a day or two early!

About the dreams, I'm sure it's reflecting your worries and fears- it doesn't mean anything that's actually happening. Start forcing yourself to visualize the tumors shrinking. I used to focus my thoughts each time I'd get chemo on the chemo attacking and killing off cancer cells. I think that will help you realize your lousy feelings are side effects of the cancer killer (chemo) you're taking and that you're not dying, but you're in a battle against cancer and you're going to win!!

Blessings to you,

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