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Yay!!! I'm Finally Out of the Hospital!!!!!!!!

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Heyas everyone!!! it's so sweet and very heartwarming to come back here and find I was actually missed~ I have to go through a whole bunch of posts I haven't read yet.

First of all, thanks for the beatiful cards and flowers that were sent, they sure msde my room smell lovely, and look so pretty, those made my day! you guys are just so caring and wonderful!

I went into the hospital because of very bad pains I was getting, I could barely move, my hubby had to carry me in the van, I was throwing up well,this was on July 4, of all days, when I wanted to have fun celebrating with my family, well, hubby gave the kids money and had my oldest take them to their grandma's and friends.

After going through tests, I was found to have a a partial obstruction in my small nowels, also had fevers, which scared them since they are a sign of infection, so they could not find anywhere where that infection is, and decided it could be the port, and they took it out, snd since they found it wasn't the port doing it, they just did more tests, and the fevers did go down though within a few days, saying that my body is healing itself, (it must have been all those wonderful prayers you were all doing for me :))

So anyways, I got a new power port put in, which turned out well, the infection went away. Though I was starved for a couple weeks (I couldn't eat anything, since thy were trying to make the bowels "rest" thinking this obstruction would go away by itself, they explained it like having a band wrapped around the small bowel, which made a "kink" in it, and by noy feeding it, it usually unravels itself, they really didn't want to do the surgery, but since it was taking so long, they went ahead and did the surgerym where I got staples, which was taken out yesterday, before I left, and replaced with sterry-strips.

Then then Psin and Palliative maintenance team in, who wanted to adjut my medicines. They think now I will have some chronic pain which may not go away, and I will need other stronger meds. They have me on Methadone and Dilaudid for pain,

What scared me is when they said the Palliative team. Aren't they people for like, lkast stagers?? Like these are people who will be distributing stuff in perparation for death? the said No, but they scared me.

I swear, I seem to be in the hospital alot this year! 2 surgeries, and you wonder if this is telling you something, like your body is giving out, I was helpless, and hopeless, and getting more afraid. I know my liver is bad, and I believe is inoperable, but I'm still not ready to go yet. I have some more fight in me.

But, thanks all for sending those thoughts and prayers, they sure did help, I still pray for all on yas as well! It's good to be back with my other family here :)


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Welcome back, Friend

You were so missed, your beautiful spirit and brightness always remind me of two things : agels and my very on sis :)

We are going through a similar ordeal. My sis had an exacerbation with her disease in her ovary, this resulted in a lot of hem-hawing from a lousy "Cancer Specialty" _CINJ center. Finally we got back to reg ONC, they 1st tried Oxi again in a re-challenge. It wasx OK for txs, then the adverse reaction again.

We finally got a consult with a caring OB-GYN ONC for a complete hysterectomy and that went smooth. Cool, but only one week later a gastritishad set in and this is tough- nausea, vomiting, pain. Initial they did tests look for bowel obstruction, as cause. I hate this "trial-error, while you suffer" stuff that seems to go with being in the fight with this illness :(

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Welcome back! It must be great to back at home with your wonderful family! We missed you around here.

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Glad that you are back home and they figured out what was going on. I pray that you continue to heal and have a speedy recovery. Hope each and every day brings you more comfort.


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It feels so good to have you back, Donna - your sweet spirit and bubbly personality left a big ol' hole in the family unit here.

I'm so glad that all went as well as it could - you are brave and strong to fight through this and all of our prayers were answered!

Looking forward to hearing more from you after you get caught up with getting settled back in at home. WELCOME BACK !!!

Take it EZ, "Chicky"

Fight for my love
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Hi Donna,finally you are back home.It's so nice to see your post again.I should dance and celebrate you are back home.You are very very missed here,we were all very worried about you,but Beth kept us updated,finally we knew your surgery was a success,and we were all happy for you.Anyway please rest at home and have a quick recovery.

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whew what a ride you are on.im just glad you are ok and yes we did miss ya.by the way im done with my chemo but that darn oxy has really messed my blood up.i go to onc on tuesday and if my counts are up im going to get my port out.once again glad you are home....Godbless.....johnnybegood

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Welcome back, Donna! I'm so glad they were able to find the main problem, and fix it! It sounds like you really are having a tough year. I hope so much that it gets better. You have been in my thoughts and prayers...i have to say, i was very, very worried about you.

You get your rest, and enjoy that dilaudid!

Many hugs,

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I am glad you are back home and felt up to letting us know you are back and fighting strong!! Hang in there!!

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Welcome Back..... Man, you had us sooooo worried. Quit that. Yes, we missed the heck out of you and your hugs. It's gonna all be uphill from here so keep the faith. I am glad you enjoyed the flowers I sent. I was hoping they would brighten up your days.


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Hi Donna - Sorry to hear about all that you have been through. Welcome back and I hope that you continue to recover and feel better.

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I'm really glad you're finally home and on your way to feeling good again! I know just being home makes you feel better. Take it easy and enjoy the meds!!!
I will keep you and everyone in my prayers.

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You have had such a rough go of it lately. I am glad that you are finally home. I said an EXTRA little prayer for you at church tonight for healing of body and spirit.

Take Care of yourself,

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Wow, you have 5 out of the first 6 posts!
Glad you are doing better

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Welcome back, Donna! I'm so glad you are doing much better and I sincerely hope you never have to go through that again! You were definitely missed!


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Hey, Donna!

So glad you're finally home from the hospital. Hope you can stay out of that place for a long while now!You've had too much.

I know you've been very scared and woried because of all that's gone on, but I hope you will feel stronger and more in control of things soon. Know that I will continue to pray for you.


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big time! Sure hope you are on the road to recovery. WE have really, really missed your upbeat conversations. Welcome home.....

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Welcome back, Donna! You have been sorely missed. I'm so sorry for everything that you have been through. I don't think you're ready to go at all!!!! You are a fighter and shouldn't have "I give up" in your vocabulary. I do understand that feeling, though, but you should ignore it and keep forging on. We NEED you with us!

Hugs and prayers,

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Hi Donna,

I'm glad to see your happy picture on another post again, home from the hospital!
You definitely have had a rough year- things need to start swinging to your side and going your way now! It is comforting to come back to this site when you've had a tough time, isn't it? I've felt the same way so often myself.
You take care of yourself and I'll be thinking of and praying for you-


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You had us all worried, so welcome back!

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@Donna: soooooo good to see you back! :) I hope you got my letter too...not as nice as most people probably sent...but it takes a week to get there, so I hope you didn't miss it. :) If you did, keep calling the hospital up and ask them about it. LOL :) Naww, no need for that. What counts is that your back, and posting...:) I just left a note at another thread hoping that you'll post, and just realized that you did! Awesome! Wish you a quick recovery! Stay strong, be well!
Take care,

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hey Donna, I am so glad your home...I have thought and prayed about you since you were admitted. Hope the meds. are working.Stay your positive self, you bring hope to so many of us on this board. God Bless, Patti

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Glad to hear that you are home Donna. Missed you here!


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Hi Donna!

So sorry you had such a rough time - we were all praying for you and sending good thoughts and hugs your way - you were very missed.

So glad you are home with your family and hope you will be feeling better each and every day. Take good care of yourself.

Hugs and good wishes,

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YOU'RE BACK!! And you were missed greatly. My prayers have been answered for you and your family.

Palliative is "chronic". It just means exactly what you said, they don't expect the pain to go away and will need to be managed. The palliative team is a good thing! I hope you feel better very soon.



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Hi Donna,

Welcome back! Great to have you back!! We missed you. Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest and nourishment.

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I don't post that often but come to this board almost daily,and I was missing your beautiful picture,so full of life, you have to keep your spirit up for you and your family, God is with you,and things will be better.

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krystle singer
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Welcome home, Donna! Prayers and joyous wishes for your recovery.


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So happy to hear from you again......wow, you can give
us tips on how to make it thru being in the hospital,
you're an expert :) Hope you now will have an easy
road of it for a long time.


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You were sorely missed. So glad you are doing better...

Many hugs. Vicki

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My prayers are with you hope you have a speedy recovery.

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Hugs Donna glad you are out of hospital, fingers crossed touch wood (my forehead ha) you won't have to go back in again.

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So glad to see you are home and feeling better. You were very much missed here. Beth and your girls did a great job keeping everyone updated tho!

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Donna said:

I know my liver is bad, and I believe is inoperable, but I'm still not ready to go yet. I have some more fight in me.

I was sorry to see this remark. I thought your scan was 'good' and this seems to say your liver has not responded to chemo so far.

Please hang on tight, girl! I know you can do this.


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I am glad you are home now i was so worried and here you are already responding to me you are truely amazing .As eveyone is here. Take care and get well soon


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She is telling me now that there are alot of spots on my liver,which scared me, I need to talk ahout this further with her...i'm getting confused, ao, I still need my 8th dose of Folfiri, I'll keep you up to date with all this.

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As far as your concern about so many surgeries....in one year...actually within 6 months, I had a bowel resection with J-pouch procedure, a lumpectomy (for my breast cancer), and a small bowel resection when, just like you, the 'resting' of the small bowel for 4 days (whew! 4 days without food, in a shared room, with people who COULD eat...sigh...) didn't work, and they used the same incision to take out 3 inches of small bowel.

Please, please take it VERY slow here...I did, and it really worked. I added back non-spicy, low bulk stuff first, a bit at a time. Then on to other stuff.

Not to make you nervous, but to alert you...I ended up having 8 more 'partial' obstructions, but cleared them all myself...using the same thing they did in the hospital...LOTS of water and walking....none of the others needed hospital visits...after a year, there were no more.

Welcome back, and take care of yourself!

Hugs, Kathi

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Nana b
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We are on the same trek, and came on this board about the same time. We will get through this! Welcome back!

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First of all , welcome back. As you can see, you were missed. second of all, anytime you are stage 4 they call everything palliative care because in the medical community if you are stage 4 you are considered incurable, but that is their by the book method. We all know better by the amount of stage 4 people here who have proven them wrong. Doctors follow a known protocal but people cannot be put in a box. Any one of us could surprise the hell out of them. Besides, God is bigger than all that and attitude makes a big difference but I know that you definitely do not have a problem with that. You probably have your times like all of us, but overall you seem to stay pretty positive. There are many people here who care about you and will continue to pray for you. I am glad everything went as well as expected but I`m sorry you were run through the ringer.

Eric ( : . )

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I must say you are a true inspiration to me! I'm so glad you are out of the hospital. I have been praying for you.

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I'm glad you are back home,and doing better.I'll pray the pain medication works,and you get stronger soon.

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