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Jeff, is doing better today he is responding to us, and knows who we are, he is still very critical, and have been told that he will be in ICU all this week. He has also be diagnosed with early stages of emphasema, thats what happens when you chain smoke i guess. He doesn't seem as agitated today, so each day seems to be a new day and new reports on his progress

I will keep you posted.


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Well William as you guessed yes I am sure his priorties will be much different now. Yes he will change his life i am sure, if not his mother will change it for him. Yes i have had a good cleanising for sure, with your scare. I am trying to stay calm as much as I can but i know we have a long road ahead of us, I just hope and pray that i can make it through this road like Loretta did, but it sure is a scary road from minute to minute and hour to hour and day to day but I am hanging in there.

Without his mother with me i wouldn't be this good.

Take care

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so glad to hear he is doing better. Sorry i havent responded here before but as u know i have my hands full right now too. i had to put jim back in hospital yesturday and he may have to go to assisted living for a short stay. My thoughts and prayers are with you hun call if you need to anytime.


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