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can't sleep

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I can not sleep, getting 3 maybe4 hours a night .Have had rad prostatectomy in Nov. 2009, followed by lupron had a 4 month shot and a 3 month shot the last one ends Aug.13. Also completed 45 radiation treatments. Still have some cancer cells. PSA 3. considering not having 3rd shot in Aug want to wait 3months see what happens. Oncologist wants to give me another shot immediately what do you think ? PS. my gleason was a 9 (5-4)

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Sorry to hear of your problems. I'm on the pre-treatment side of the cancer (Surgery scheduled August 12) So don't have words of experience to share with you. Just wanted to know that I care.


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I am in a similar situation to yours. I had the robotic Prostatectomy (3/04), the radiation (8/05) and now a rising PSA again. My doctor wants to start Lupron soon. He is offering an intermittant approach. Take the Lupron until my PSA goes down; then stop the Lupron. Then continue the Lupron when it rises again. The objective is to lengthen the time before the cancer turns refractory or stops responding to the Lupron. This is supposed to also lessen the side effects of the Lupron. I'll be starting this treatment some time this fall. I'll know more in a year or so. As for the sleeping problem, I had to drastically cut back on my coffee and tea. The caffeine was my problem. Best of luck to you.

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Have you tried melatonin for sleep. It is a more natural way (then prescription pills) to promote sleep.
I to had RP a couple months ago & have a PSA of 0.4. I now will get pet/ct/&bone scans to find it if its there. Lupron & or radiation may lie ahead for me. Whatever it takes to keep moving & enjoying life.

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You might want to explore getting a second opinion, also find a doc who you consider to be an expert(better than the rest). What area of the country do you live in? Maybe one of us can refer a doc to you.

As far as sleep, you might want to speak with your g.p. Is lack of sleep from depression? Maybe there a pill that you can take. Also, try to do things to cut down on stress


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I live in So Idaho, I have an appointment with A Gastrointestinal sppecialist after complete GI series to determine why I have severe anemia. Mtg Tues. after significant blood draw. Then back to the Oncologist Aug 13. I will forgo the next lupron for 3 months and see what happens. Thanks for responding

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I'm a gleason 9 as well, and just had my 7th 3 month Lupron shot.
Not enjoying them ;-)
I also had a lot of difficulty sleeping at night, and have 2 suggestions:
1- forget about pills- we all take enough drugs already
2- I find a lot of benefit using Guided Imagery (you can Google that for details). I found several recordings designed specifically to help with Prostate Cancer, each about 30 minutes long. I use my clock radio to play one softly in the background when I go to sleep (and turn itself off at the end), and find that it helps a lot.
What I especially like about this kind of treatment, is that (unlike most everything else they do to us) it does no damage.
Good luck!

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I had Gleason 9 also and it had already spread so surgery was not an option. The radiation killed all the cancer in my prostate but it did not kill what had spread and so I have a rising psa,back up to 12 now. I was given a 50% chance to live 2 years in 2004 and have had one shot of Lupron and 40 radiation treatments. My survival is in large part to having gotten all the stress out of my life. I love my work and I stay busy all the time. The timing of the Lupron shots is not important at all. There is no evidence that any certain frequency is better for survival. I have chosen to take no more treatment until I am ready,and that day may never come. You have to own this disease and make your own decisions. The for profit medical system in this country is a joke. The more the corporations can treat you the better their bottom line looks, so their main incentive is to treat you until the day you die as much and as often as they can.

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