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First three month check

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I was due to have my first three month check last Monday. My doctor's office called the Thursday prior to reschedule me for next month! I got quite upset putting it off, but was assured my CA 125 was fine, it was 3 (I was 4 in April). I was told I'd be okay to wait until August for my physical.

Felt like the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders. I had worked myself into quite a tizzy about 2 weeks before my scheduled appointment. I'm going to need to learn some relaxing techniques, I don't want to do that to myself again - or to those who have to live with me!

Any suggestions for tapes, breathing exercises, books to help me to relax would be appreciated!

Does the anxiety prior to regular checks get any better as time goes by?

On a hair related note - I hit a new milestone today! I woke up with bed-head for the first time since September! I never thought I'd be so happy to see bed head!


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Dear Kat,

I am 3 years post surgery and just saw gyn/onc on this past Monday - It NEVER gets easy to prepare for this appointment - I have such mixed feelings each time, wanting to see him and hear everything is okay and not wanting to go at all - appt appears fine and waiting for lab results to confirm which should be available this Monday - assuming all is well, do not have to return until next Jan. If you find the solution to relax before a check-up, let me know - My bp is always 20 pts higher at my arrival-- kelly

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I finished chemo March 26th and STILL don't have enough hair to get messy or even consider going to a hairdresser for cut and styling! I'm jealous!

And your reaction to the delay in your follow-up test is PERFECT! If your oncologists aren't worried that another month can pass without them seeing you, and your CA-125 has been a good marker for you and is still crazy-good (3!! GREAT!!), you are right to relax and enjoy another month off! We all have to learn to enjoy remission without constant worrying. I don't have my first post-treatment monitoring until next month, so I have no idea if I will be anxiety-ridden. But I know that I am enjoying my 'ignorant bliss' of post-treatment/pre-testing a LOT!

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I have an MP4 player with all my favorite music. I plugged it my ears every day when I come home from work. In the evening instead of sitting in front of the TV I plug my ears with my favorite music and do stretching exercises. I even keep it next to my bed so on the nights when I wake up at 3:00 a.m. I just plug my ears. I love music and it's my escape from everything.

My second three month check-up is next Wed., trying to not to let it control my life.

How fabulous about your messy hair. I remember how excited I was, I couldn't wait to tell my family that I had to comb my hair. Now I can use a hair brush!


Mind, Body and Soul.


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My 6 month check up was to be in Aug but got a call needed to be changed to Sept. Kind of scarry waiting but I will keep my head up and all things will be fine. SO keep your head up Kat and carry on

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