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last treatment for a while

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I just got my pump off. I finished my 3rd treatment, everything seems fine. I have that metallic taste in my mouth, a slight sensitivity to cold. The cold sensitivity was really diminished this time by the calcium and magnesium. I have a PET/Ct next week to see where I stand. I think I have responded well. My CEA fell from 90 to 50 after only two treatments. I had originally planned to have surgery in 6 weeks from today. I am taking 4 weeks off and entering a clinical trial for fostamatinib. I will be monitored weekly to see if it's working. If it's not working then my surgery shouldn't be delayed more than a week or so. If it does work, then I will stay on it and perhaps not need surgery for some time. There are people that have been taking it for over a year with little to no side effects and it has stabilized or reversed their disease. I hope all of you out there are doing well and are looking forward to one day being rid of this disease.

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Hi John,

Can you tell us more about this trial drug? Is it new or just new to being tested for colorectal cancer? I always like to know options that are out there. I'm glad to hear you responded well to the other treatment you just had- let us know the outcome of your scan when you get it done.

Best wishes and take care,

Julie 44
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Good luck on your scans and with the test trial..I agree with Lisa can you fill us in on this drug???Always need to be on top of things..Knowledge is power....................JULIE

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Hi John,

Good luck with the scans and the trial. Let us know how you are doing.

All the best,

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Good luck with it John.

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Sounds like you are coming along really well. I am happy that you seem to be responding good. You have been through so much so maybe this new treatment is exactly what you needed. What are you on anyway? You said sensitive to cold and I only thought that was with the oxy, but I guess not. Let us know on the surgery.


Fight for my love
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Hi John,it is good to hear that you responsed well to the treatment.Best luck on your scan and let us know when the result comes out.

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All to the best to you, John
I'll be curious as to how the trial works out for you.


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John - Thanks for all the good information you have given and continue to give us. You have been through the ringer so I am hoping and praying that you will be doing the naked happy dance soon.


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Praying for the best results for you, you deserve some goof news.

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I mean some GOOD NEWS.

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That's FABULOUS! I hope this new trial will be just what you need. You deserve a break from this mess.


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You are so empowered and resourceful! you also you make the rest of us all feel it too. It is the strength and cornerstone of your healing. You are in my prayers for continued healing.


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Good luck with the scans and trials. Hope things continue to improve...You are such a strong person full of conviction and courage....You are in my thoughts and prayers..

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Paula G.
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Good luck John! Keep us posted on how you are doing. I haven't heard of this clinical trial but this entire thing is new to us. It is people like you that do these clinical trials that give so many of us hope.
I hope that there will be options down the road of my husband like this. Having been a part of clinical trials myself (not for cancer) they do treat you pretty good and monitor people very close.
I hope you will be one of the ones that reverse their disease.Paula G.

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Hope the clinical trial is successful and am glad
you are doing ok so far. Appreciate your
willingness to try one of the trials; it helps
all the rest of us in our battles.


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