BIL surgery ?

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Hello - My dh is fighting colon cancer but at the same time my bil is fighting lung cancer. After 6 months of chemo they went in today to take out the one cancerous lung. And immediately closed him back up because of what they saw. We don't have all the details yet as they are in Seattle and we are on the east coast. What could this mean? Any ideas? Why couldn't they take it out even if it was worse than they originally thought? Why couldn't they tell before they went in there? Thanks for any help...we are relatively new with dh's dx so I am still learning....


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    Guessing is useless, frankly. Wish him the best, call him every day (if he is up for it), and let him tell you as the facts become available to him.

    Best wishes to your brother-in-law, his family and his loved ones.

    Take care,