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Convinced One Family member to Do Colonosscopy!!!

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We have all talked about hwo despite a likely genetic connection with CRC, we've encountered "stalled" responses from family/friends about doing the scopes. Well, thankfully, I've gotten through to one hard head ( many to go!), he had it done today, age 42 w/ two polyps removed.

Blessings and peace,

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That is the best news I've heard in a long time.

I am happy for you and you may have just saved a life today - at the very least, you have spared this person alot of the pain that we have gone through, so this is a miracle.

I've been preaching for some time on this as the "example" in the family. And just the other day my Aunt calls me to tell me that her son/my cousin has been having bleeding from the rectum, but is convinced it is just hemhorroids.

That's how my story started, only I did not know any better, and I had a bad doctor.

But it just makes me mad when people don't listen.

Anyway, very good for you - that is a great story!


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Way to go V. I have had good success with friends and co-workers but have struck out with family. Go figure. I haven't given up though. I have commitments from them but no action yet. Keep up the good work.


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that is really excellent news. Hope those biopsy results come back with good news.

Fight for my love
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V,you did a great job!People always take things for granted,and they don't think anything bad may happen to them,but anybody can get sick.It was good to hear this.

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I just find it so hard to believe that all of your family didn't RUN to get it done.
My diagnosis got over a dozen friends and family in for a scope.

That's one down, more to go. Don't give up

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Awesome! Maybe that will inspire everybody else to just do it!


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