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colonoscopy time

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Hi everyone! I will be having my third year coloscopy next month,and I just received the prescription for it and it is HalfLytely, & Bisacodyl tablets, this is a 2 liter prep. last year I had one that was 32oz. and it made a diference, before I call the Dr. office I would like to know what you guys have been using for your colonoscopy prep, because going back to the 64 oz. is making me sick already.

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Hi, I did one in January and they've changed it up.

They used Miralax and the Bisacodyl tablets. It was 64 oz. I would drink as much as I could then wash my mouth out with some Sprite and spit that out - it helped neutralize the bad taste. In the morning, they wanted to me to 2 Fleet enemas.

I don't find that this new protocol cleans you out very good at all - I thought of cancelling because it had never been like this - doctor said they could suction that stuff out and still see for the procedure. It just left a lot of wonder in my mine, even though he showed me the pictures.

Prior scopes were done using Colyte which was 128 oz. Same Sprite rinse with that one. But with that prep, when you were done, you were clean.

The doc said too many people complain about the gallon so they have been moving to 64 oz to please the customers.


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Aparentely the one prescribed is the 2 liters I forgot that the one that I was thinking like the 64 oz. was the 128 oz. that you mentioned,thanks for giving me some relief,that I will "only" be drinking the "small" one.

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Even tho I had to drink the 64 oz it was easier this time.
I had Miralax in the water and put some lemon juice in it
which helped. And Ducolax tabs. I also didn't eat any high density foods
the day before I started the prep and this time was able
to drink the milk free Ensure in chocolate or vanilla
which kept my hunger to a minimum throughout the day of prep.
I have been so dehydrated on preps before that I've
had to have an IV before the test and felt like my legs
were not going to hold me up at the registration desk.
This time I didn't experience that. So the changes were
great for me.


tiny one
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I had to do the one bottle of phosphosoda at 8 am, then at 3 pm 4 dulcolax tablets, then at 6pm another bottle of phosphosoda. You were to drink at least 1 8oz glass of water or liquid each hour. Then 2 enema's in the morning. I never usually was able to do the two enema's because I was so sore. 2 days before I would start eating very lightly, the day before the prep tried to do only liquids. This prep is still really rough for me.

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My GI Doctor's prep consists of the following:

1) A low residue diet for 3 / 4 days
2) Golightly gallon drink prep which you drink 8ozs of the stuff every ten minutes until you show signs of no poop; ususally a clear light brown water type

These works real well for me.

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You will do just fine and I hope to see you in Key West at CP7 to celebrate it with us. I've just sent out the first email to the 19 attendees but don't have your personal email address.

If you still are interested in driving down to spend some time with us, send me a personal email here with your home email address.

I'll fill you in on what's planned thus far so you can make some plans.

Again, do pretty on your colonscopy and let us know how it goes. Looking forward to seeing you sometime from Oct. 21st - 25th.

Lisa P.

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