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small cell cervical cancer

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I am searching for anyone who has had small cell cervical cancer and has had it come back agian.Perhaps we can share experiences,info, and support

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I was diagnosed in Jan. I had 6 rounds of chemo using carboplatin, and VP16, also zometa for my bones. I finished in May I saw the doctor today (8/12/09) and it has returned. I have to go back on the 13th to find a new course of treatment. She referred to it as chemo resistant due to the fast growth after chemo. What is happening with you?

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Hello you two, just come across this website, I too have stage 4 small cell cervical cancer that has metastised to my neck and my right ovary. I have had 3 rounds of carboplatin and etopiside followed by 3 rounds of CAV, then 6 weeks of radiotherapy, none of this has shrunk the tumors, so have now been sent for drugs trials at the Royal Marsden in Sutton Surrey, UK. I have just had all the preliminary tests, and am due to go back to consent on the 9th September, where I will basically become a guinipig, with the phase 1 drugs that haven't been used on humans before, here's hoping hey!!! I am doing OK and haven't got many symptons, a bit tired and heavy legged, and a swollen stomach, apart from that, no pain. Regards, Sharon

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Hello Ladies I'm in remission from cervical cancer. Please stay positive and don't let cancer win. I'm so sorry to hear about your pain. God bless I'll pray for you all...

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Hi Ladies! I am just hoping to find some of you :) There is a group of us who have connected on Facebook. you are not alone!! There are women surviving this. Feel free to message me for more details.
Stay strong,

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