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Hairy Cell Leukemia

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Has anyone had experience with HCL? My dad is currently undergoing the 7 day/24 hour leustatin treatment in hospital. We were wondering what side effects to expect and what results you encountered by the same treatment. Today is day one in treatment.

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How did it go. I just finished my HCL treatment and feel well. Just curious how your dad is doing.

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A lack of information about this rare disease is our worst enemy. Hopefully those writing these posts with questions over the past several years have already found the needed help. For anyone still searching for answers as well as helpful, current information regarding HCL, visit the Hairy Cell Leukemia Foundation web-site. This site provides up-to-date information about the rare disease, has a list of the Centers of Excellence, as well as providing individualized answers to specific questions by the worlds most knowledgeable doctors regarding treatments of this disease. Follow this link for this help:


The James, Ohio State University Medical Center have a group of fantastic doctors that are very interested in providing the best guidance for treatments of this disease and its complications.

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