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Dancing with NED

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Joined: Feb 2009

After 6 doses of Taxol & Carbo, 2 weeks, so far, of radiation, my Pet Scan shows no evidence of disease! I explained to my husband what dancing with Ned was and he laughed and was happpy.

Jim was having a hard day at work, a few close friends were laid off today. I called to remind him that I loved him and that I was dancing with Ned. He said it made his day.


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Celebrate! No one EVER gets tired of dancing with NED!! I'm so happy for you!

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Joined: Mar 2009

Congratulations on your news of dancing with Ned. You must be overjoyed! I am so happy for you. This is great news after all that you have been through. Keep dancing with Ned!


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Super!! Keep enjoying life! Mary Ann

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I am so happy for you to be dancing with NED. That is a wish we all have. Celebrate this great accomplishment. In peace and caring. HUGS to you.

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to dance with Ned! A lovely visual!


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NED is an amazing feeling. Dance on...

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dance dance dance we all hope to join you

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Thank you for your kind words and support. It is nice to almost be back to my old life. After 6 months of being off work, I return next week. I'm a nurse in the ICU and know I will have a new and better perspective of people and life. I hope to pass that on.

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Deb... I am sure that your approach to patients will only be enhanced in view of your recent experience. One thing that I found missing in the course of my treatment was the lack of touch..... So touch your patients a LOT....just a hand on the shoulder or the arm would have meant a great deal to me!

Am sure you will be happy to resume your role as an ICU nurse again.... You are to be commended!!


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So happy that you are NED! I also think it is fantastic that you will soon be able to return to work. I hope to follow in your foot steps soon!

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