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a need

tiny one
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I know there's a need out there for people with cancer who are in bad situations. Does anyone know of resources available to help? Where do abused people go especially when they are going thru cancer treatment? Anyone have any answers?

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If you are being abused, I am rather confident that there is some sort of Battered Women's Shelter in your area if you are in or near a mid- to major-sized city. These organizations take in women (and their children) and assist them in obtaining protection against the brute that is perpetrating the abuse while also supplying the support that includes food and clothing as needed. There does have to be commitment on your part, of course, but otherwise, I am not aware that they will exclude someone because they have cancer.

I say that as someone whose family is rather involved in contributing to the maintenance and sustenance of just such an organization.

Beyond that, there are, of course, any number of cancer-related support groups that may also be able to help you with this correlary problem but will, at the least, help with one of these two pressing issues. I provide a few, although I know there are many others (I am copying this from a thing I've put together for financial support, which may apply for you as well, if you are in an abusive relationship, but they certainly also supply emotional support among other things):


This site is put up by the National Institute of Health or some such, and is government-supported.

Cancer Care, a non-profit org., offers free support and counseling for cancer patients by oncology social workers. They have face-to-face counseling and counceling on the phone. Support groups on the phone are available too and are moderated by an oncology social worker. Call 800-813-HOPE. They can also give you info about financial resources. Check their website: www.cancercare.org

Gilda's Club - www.gildasclub.org - they offer free social and emotional support. Not sure if they may have financial information but check it out just in case.

Live Strong - www.livestrong.org - offers one-on-one support.

American Cancer Society (here) can also give you ideas regarding emotional support, counseling, financial support information available in different cities.

Best wishes.

Take care,


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"Where do abused people go especially when they are going thru cancer treatment"
...anywhere but where there is abuse.

Here was a good start - but only a start and will not stop the problem by itself. I just checked out the website Joe recommended and it's a great resource. I'm guessing any one of those phone numbers can direct you to the right location...and, may help whomever it is being abused once they leave their situation.

If it's intimidating to reach out to someone you don't know, I'd suggest the person talk with someone from their dr/onco staff. It's more intimate because there is a relationship but they are trained to handle these unfortunate circumstances.

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I am on the same page as Joe. I have also been involved with a local battered woman's shelter for years. I think its one of the best organizations that I have donated too. Being battered is not just about physical abuse. It seems that now days mental abuse or a spouse trying to have complete control over everything in someone's life is happening more. Pretty soon the self esteem is so low that a person needs outside help to get back on track. And I am always amazed at how fast this can happen with the right counseling. I have taken a few women to the shelter for counseling after abuse and I am always amazed by the complete change in attitude. In every case they became stronger women and got their control and self esteem back. Slickwilly

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I myself am an abuse survivor.
Currently I'm in a Transitional Housing facility for safety reasons and to get back on my feet.
I was diagnosed with cancer shortly after I moved into transitional housing.
I've noticed that I have to treat them as two seperate aspects of my life in terms of care. Because we still have such a long way to go in educating the public... D.V. shelters are typically sparce in most areas and to find them with 'specialties' can be somewhat diffcult.

I agree.... you could talk to your doctors if that feels less intimidating... you could also go to your local sherriffs office (If it's an option that wouldn't interfere with your safety) You could also check out this website... they have a national hotline number.


I hope I didn't jump too far ahead... as I know there's other forms of abuse than this... however it seemed that perhaps I missed something and this is the type of situation you're dealing with.


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