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Julie 44
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I hate the waiting game!!!!!!!!!!!! I just had a CEA blood test done yesterday..I am 3 months NED..So now I wait and wait and worry...I need a CAT scan but I need surgery for gallbladder and a hernia so I will wait for the surgon to do that CAT scan and the onco doc will read that one..So its more waiting UGH UGH.. I know there is nothing I can do and I know I shouldn't worry until I hear from them but..........Its making me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!...........................Julie

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know just what you are saying, but take a deep breath and
spend a few minutes imagining your well self.....you are
NED, have been for a while, treatment is working, your
immune system is kicking in and you are strong....believe.


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Call your oncology nurse and get your test results or just go on down to the hospital and get a copy of them! If they ran it yesterday they have it by now. Call 1st thing in the morning.
Best of luck to you. I know waiting sucks, but at least you will have some info. if you get your CEA. If it is really low you can be somewhat confident nothing will show up on the CT scan either.
I never wait, I am bugging them the minute I feel the tests should be in (the very next day!). At some point I realized I could do that!
Susan H.

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I also realized I can get test results pretty quickly. Since changing oncologists recently, however, they seem to take longer with their labs. I had my blood drawn right before getting my Avastin infusion on Tuesday & they had the CBC readings right away. They still couldn't tell me my CEA count though when I called today about it, two days later. So that's frustrating. I had a PET scan done this morning & will be going to the medical records room of the hospital tomorrow a.m. to pick up the radiologist's report of my scan- I never wait until I see the Dr. to get my results- waiting is just too hard!

Best wishes and prayers for all of you in this lousy waiting game!


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I ask my oncologist's nurse to call me as soon as they get the results and I call the day that they receive them and leave a voice mail asking them to give me a call. I'm like you--I can't stand to wait. It makes me a nervous wreck and I imagine all kinds of things. Good luck!


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krystle singer
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I actually got anti-anxiety drugs from my dr. because waiting for anything longer than ten minutes makes me break out in hives. It took over two weeks to get answers on my first colonoscopy after surgery. The dr. found a second growth and sent the tissue to Mayo's and no one, not even the dr. himself could hurry them with the results. Hammily, that second growth was deemed beniegn by my onc. But I trembled for 14-15 days waiting. Now I have to have a CT scan of my kidneys and I will have to wait until I see my onc to find out about that. I am so with you! I have not had any luck with calling the dr. and asking, they just tell me "we'll call you with the results!" Click. But by all means give it a try. Doctors get busy and assistants forget.

Waiting with you and hoping fo9r the best for all of us Waiters.


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