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nausea after gastric pull up

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Hi all,
I need some help from all of you. My husband had a gastric pull up done on May 1, 2009 as part of his surgery to remove stageIV tumor. Since the surgery he continues to have nausea off and on, usually for days at a time. It affects his desire to eat and he continues to loose weight. The doctors just prescribe anti-nausea medication which sometimes works/sometimes doesn't. The medication makes him depressed. He is starting to give up hope. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I understand the world of nausea and would love to talk to you and/or your husband about his problems.

I am 35 years old and have been a survivor for 3 years. My surgery was Dec. 5, 2006. I have nausea every time I eat, unless I only eat a very SMALL amount. I have meds that help, but continue to rely on a j-tube for the bulk of my nutrition.

We tried to go for a few months without it. That was disaatrous. I am 6'4'' and went down to 150 lbs without the tube. With the tube, I am on my way to 165. Not huge for my height, but much better.

With the tube in place, eating can be more of a social event and there is no stress to get in enough calories.

I understand depression. Hang in there!!!

I look forward to hearing how you are doing.

God's Peace,

Hillsboro, OH

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Tina Blondek
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Sorry to hear about your husbands problem. That is an awful feeling to have. My dad had EC cancer 11/08. Now he has lesions on his liver, that we have to find out about. Anyway....the anti nausea med he was given was called promethazone. Spelling may be wrong. It works great. There is always the good old stand by of ginger. You can put it in capsules. Ground ginger. Ginger Ale. The ginger is a natural stomach reliever. Best of luck. Dad has depression too, you are not alone. Best anti depressent that has worked for him is Lexapro.

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