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Medical Alert Bracelets

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I'm responding to the post that Pammy put on here awhile back regarding the Medical Alert Bracelets. I purchased mine at QVC. It is the one from laurenshope.com, but got it on sale for $37.50. Now just have to remember to wear it. It is very elegant and beautiful, and doesn't look or feel cheap. Am very pleased with it.

What a great concept. I just get worried about the lymphodema thing if for some reason in an accident, etc. Figure it couldn't hurt.


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I actually found a website that gives a plastic type one to you for free. It's not the best of looking but will work. It's at www.lymphedema.com, and on the left click on FREE LE alertband.


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Thanks Maryann and Sherry for that info. I will look into both of them.

Also, how are both of you doing? You didn't say.


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Christmas Girl
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Both good tips. I've purchased MANY of these bracelets over the years, continually searching for just the right one. I, too, visited laurenshope.com - that's the exact bracelet I currently have, the one I've liked the best, the one I do wear. However, I bought mine at the medical supply store where I get my compression sleeve & gauntlet. Nice to know I can get the same item from QVC (more convenient for me) - so, thanks, Maryann.

I also have a supply of paper versions (like a hospital admission/patient bracelet) obtained from my cancer center. I like to add one of those for doctor appointments as an additional and more obvious reminder. Afterwards, I simply cut it off. But, I like the idea of the plastic (rubber band) version, too. Could just keep it in my purse. On before blood pressure, etc. Off and back into the purse, So, thanks, Sherry.

I'll chime in with Diane - how are you both?

Kind regards, Susan

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I was just thinking, and honestly, NOT being paranoid, that if you have a supply of paper ones, maybe you should have one is a visible place in your car...just in case. ok, maybe I am paranoid! LOL


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Got mine thru TLC but don't remember the price


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I'm bumming out :( Just ordered mine last week direct from Laurenshope and with engraving, shipping, and I purchased a multi colored pearl one, it cost me $70.00!! But I am going to order the free one,as it tells you not to wear her braceletts in a pool, etc. So the plastic one will come in handy on beach vacations, surgery,etc and the pearl one will look a little dressier other times. Thanks for sharing.....:) Pammy

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I found a pretty heart shaped charm already engraved with:"Lymphedema alert- no needles or bp cuff this arm" the pink ribbon shop website. can be attached to any bracelet. It was $14.95. I like the idea of the free ones too, like you said great for recreational purposes when you don't want to risk ruining the expensive stuff!

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Kristin N
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I love the free ones! I just ordered one! Thanks!

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You can get an ankle or a wrist free one.

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I just ordered the free one too! Thanks for letting us know about them.

Susie :)

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I'm confused. Other than being on Arimidex, why would we need to wear an alert bracelet?


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It is to alert medical professionals about the risk of Lymphodema if you had any lymph nodes removed. You should not have shots, blood work, or blood pressure cuffs placed on the affected arm(s).

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When I realized how seriously at risk I am for lymphedema, I ordered an engraved bracelet:
"Lymphedema Risk Left Arm No Shots No BP", and instructions to "see back side". One the reverse I have "cancer patient" "Dentures (U&L)" "Hearing Aids" "Bee Sting Allergy" and "see wallet card". The wallet card lists all my doctors & phone# -- PCP, onc, dentist, etc. as well as meds I take. While most of it is unnecessary information if I am alert and coherent, I am concerned with the "what-if's", and this gives me another measure of peace if I cannot speak for myself. It's not glamorous, but I don't care about that anyway.

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Bumping this discussion up, as there is some interest in bracelets right now. G.

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Got mine through the National Lymphedema Network. It's stainless steel (they have fancier ones as well). If I remember right it was around $20.00, engraved with Lymphedema Alert, no B/P, needles, into left arm. I wear it all the time, incl. during water aerobics. However, I found medical personnel does not pay the slightest attention to it and I always have to wave it in front of their noses while they are trying to stick a needles into this arm or put the B/P cuff on me. Thought about adding a pink plastic bracelet to it. When I had surgery for an infected cyst under that same poor arm the nurse wrote "NO B/P, NO NEEDLES", she was the only one who noticed the bracelet. I'll put my doctor's name, medical info, medications, etc. into my billfold - today, what a good idea.

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