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My husband just had his blood tested 6 days ago followed by a single round of Gemzar. The platelets were at 103. Yesterday I had to take him to ER because his nose wouldn't stop bleeding and he was extremely weak and shaky so they ran more blood tests. This time the reading came back at 14!!!!! The normal range for platelets is 130-400. He's had Gemzar at least for 5 weeks or so and it never effected the platelets like this. I wonder if perhaps it's something else? We see the onc doctor today but was wondering if any of you have experienced this happening? He did end up getting two units of platelets before we left ER yesterday. I'm really worried.


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    is there a follow up??
    hope the story ends well and he is ok gemzar is one of my chemo drugs my doc is going to use in 1st cycle and week after just gemzar now i got to ask how offen will they test after 1st round.

    thank and hope all is well