I FEEL LIKE A SURVI\VOR WITH 7 MORE Radiation Treatments LEFT. Ever since MY LAST POST ON 7-7-0

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Even since July 5th when I felt the almighty Gods and the Lords Hand hold my head I have felt so full of life and not illness what so ever. I have enjoyed life with my family. My oldest Son and his wife and our newest Grandchild Born (May 3rd) is visiting for 2 weeks and leaving on Wednesday the 22nd to go back to Colorado. What an angel she is. Even My sister and her Husband and their Twins came for a week with us. So Much love in our house for I felt so great just like I was before it all started about a year ago. Even thought I didn't know about the GBM Tumor until April. LIFE FEELS SO GREAT. I have had a few focol Seizures this month. But they were small. just enough you were having it. Thank God.

And a Special thanks to the web site of: DavidMBailey.com It gave us hope and a special person who has been then and we still pray for him to keep going and spread the HOPE and love. His words and Music are great. thank you Davidmbailey

May God Bless you all and I am saying Prayers for Everyone for sure.

David Dailey