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Is Hormone Treatment after Radiation What Most Get?

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Currently, I am at the end of the staging phase. And about to pick a treatment. I am 54 years old, have a PSA of 6.4 and Gleason Score of 7 (3+4). I am leaning towards surgery. But still open. Talking to the Radiation Oncologist he says with the External Beam Radiation hormone treatment is generally required afterwards. Right now I have difficulty maintaining an erection so I'm not sexually active. From what I'm told hormone treatment is basically castration to stop the production of testosterone. At my age I really don't think I would like castration. Are their any who can perform sexually after hormone treatment.

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As I understand things( I have had a R.P. and Radiation),If you choose surgery and the cancer is completely contained in the prostate gland ,then you are cured. Your cancer is on the shelf in a bottle. The big deal is that you are cured.

If however, the cancer has left the prostate or is touching the prostate gland wall
then radiation of the prostate area is recommended. My radiation ( 33 treatments) started 3 months after surgery.The deal here is that you may not be cured ,it (the cancer)is coming back to visit one more time.One can tell if it has returned my a rising PSA level
Then the next course of action is hormone treatment

If you choose radiation as the intial treatment then surgery is no longer an option, That is big deal here. Surgery is no longer a consideration. Then hormone treatment is the only other thing available,but hopefully not for a very long time after radiation.If the psa starts rising from less than .1 ( after Your radiation) will the hormone treatment be necessary.

Hope this helps

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Thanks, just still nervous.

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If the cancer has left the prostate then any surgery is a big mistake. Radiation will kill all the cancer in the prostate whether it is confined there or out of the prostate. I know this from personal experience. Just choose the treatment you think will make the the most secure. The side effects of all these treatments are well known and that is always part of one's decision. After hormone treatment you will probably have very little desire or ability to have sex given that you are not active now anyway. Do not stress about this. Your levels are such that you will never die from this cancer assuming you take some treatment within the next few months. All the best.

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