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New member

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Joined: Jul 2009

Would love to connect with some of you and add to my friend's list.
In strength and hope,

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You have had a long struggle Diane. Its always amazing to me that so many people think surviving cancer ends all of our problems. I had NHL and ended up on disability two years later. I fight daily pain while I try to have some sort of life. And I constantly deal with my many pain killers, muscle relaxers, nerve blockers and anti inflamatory drugs and their side effects. I am sorry that you also had to deal with prescription abuse. Its a hard cycle to break. I put up with days of pain rather then take a pill as I know this will be a lifetime adventure and I want my internal organs to keep working. Ahhh its always a balancing act. Please feel free to add me to your list and I'll be more than happy to chat about anything as I am an open book about my life. Slickwilly

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Hi dipp32
I am pretty new to this board . I have non hodgkins lymphoma. I would like to be on your list. I am not sure What that means. If I need to do something let me know. My chemo brain sometimes holds me up.

Geoff Norman
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Diane, Do you mean Facebook Friend? Good idea.

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