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Bile Backup?

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After a total gastrectomy in May, I'd been having a considerable amount of pain that I described as "hunger pangs." I also thought I might have a constriction where the upper intestine was reattached to the esophagus.

I had a endoscopy last week that showed considerable inflammation related to excessive bile backing up into the esophagus. I've gotten a prescription to deal with the bile, but that doesn't address the problem, only the symptom.

Has anyone experienced bile-backup following a total gastrectomy? If this is something that might resolve itself, I'd sure like to hear. Thanks for any input.

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This won't be of much help as I did not have this problem. I've only had a reflux or backup problem a handful of times. For me it was when I drank orange juice or some other acidic drink shortly before going to bed. It would come up and burn my throat. I'm not sure that is the same issue you are having, so unfortunately I don't have much advice to offer.

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Thanks for your comments. I have found that acidic things like vinegar and lemon juice are not good for me; they irritate the inflammation. I'm still sleeping in my recliner, so I don't deal with reflux as much as I would lying down. I figure I'll see if my insurance will pay for an adjustable bed.

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