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Read replys and ????

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Hi and good luck to all those patients who have made a decision either way. I havent got that far down the road yet and am sorting through this mountain of information both here and elsewhere. I had some bad side effects with my prostate biopsy and am therefore more scared than I should be. Seeds or surgery? I only want 1 thing no cancer and a normal life afterwards, has anyone at all experienced both lets say 6 weeks after seeds or surgery?I will say 1 thing I applaud all who have made a decision either way it shows a tremendous ammount of courage and I pray its all you wanted from your decision. Sorry this is so long but its a scarey road and I have to decide whats best...Pray that I can thanks for listening ...Nick

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Hello NM,
Having just made my decision to have robotic surgery, I can appreciate the place you are in. I too wanted the cancer gone and minimal side-effects. It took me about 6 weeks to do the research, get two consultations (radiation and surgery), speak with a few post-treatment patients and read the helpful information on this forum. There are many good books such as the Complete Guide to Prostate Cancer by the American Cancer Society and the Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer by Patrick Walsh, MD. I was fortunate to have a friend in treatment (seeds) who I was able to meet for breakfast weekly. He has been a great sounding board. I hear local support groups are helpful too. My surgeon answered my ongoing questions either by e-mail or phone. What I learned is that having an experienced physician who you trust and are comfortable with is important. What medical facilities are in your area, the degree of your cancer, your age and what your health insurance allows, also plays into the decision. Am I still nervous? Sure. However, having made the decision, I am ready for the next step. I wish you well and am glad to answer more questions.
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I am now 8 weeks post-op, you are not alone, I also struggled with "what is right for me". It came down to 1. trusting my urologist and surgeon. 2 what was right for me( and my family). If I had decided to leave it in and treat it, would I ever know if it was truly gone? What if they missed some and it came back with a vengence. Could I live with that worry? Not me, I over think everything, I would worry too much. The surgery was a snap, cath sucks big time, but it was only for a week. Morning woody almost from the first week. No problems with that even without any pills, viagara , levitra, etc. I still have some dripping, but very manageable with just pads. Have not used a depends for awhile now. Just have to stop and think first b4 I try lifting, or getting up, etc. I was scared to go into surgery, and told the Dr the morning of surgery, he had me take a vialum the night b4, and after my prep day of surgery, they gave me something wonderful in my IV....lol...no worries after that. Don't hardly remember going to the surgery room, or meeting di vinci..
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Welcome to the group. We all had the same fears and questions. My dad had this in the 1960's when they couldn't find it until almost too late. I remember all the tubes and various incisions and when it was my turn, fear is an understatement. I used DaVinci, great experience not as bad as the lapro gall bladder surgery.
After 3+yrs still leak a little like sneezing,lifting etc. Use light cheap pads. No erections although there is sensation.
Have considered implants etc but no decision. Not a huge deal after all each morning I look out on the yard and see the green side of the grass.
Good luck. jj

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I don't know where you are on the road but right now I am at the end of the staging phase and about to select a treatment plan. After my biopsy I first bleed from my rectum. Then for the two months my semen was dark indicating blood. Right now my semen as almost back to normal color. Doctors have told me this is normal.

Hang in there. Looks like two more days before I make a decision.

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