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PSA rise after DaVinci

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After a 0.3, 1 month post-op, I just got a 0.4 at 2 months post-op. Just got the news and have not talked with my Dr yet...but think it might be necessary for a MRI or CT scan & possible radiation. Anyone else have experience with PSA rising after surgery???What action did you take?

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The following is a record of my PSA reading after brachytherapy on January 10, 2008:

My follow up PSA readings were:

3 months 1.1
6 monthe 0.4
9 months 0.2
12 months 0.4
18 months 0.5 (July 7, 2009)

My dotor's (urologist) response to my latest result was "Spiffy!"

About 10 days ago I got a letter from the oncologist stating the results were "Great!"

I know we would all like to see a 0.0 reading but from what my doctor's are saying, that's NOT a reasonable expectation given the nature of PSA. Granted brachytherapy does not remove the prostate and, therefore it's ability to produce PSA, perhaps we're are not on the same page vis-a-vis the DaVinci procedure vs. brachytheray. Definitely talk with your doctor and flat out ask him if it's something to be overly concerned about.

Hang in there partner, you have many friends supporting you.


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Hey George, sorry to hear that your numbers didn't drop on the 2nd test.... sound like everything else was right on tract...keep us informed... we are pulling for you..

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I'm no expert, as anyone who's been following my posts can see.

Based on what I read, it looks to me that by most definitions you've had a "biochemical recurrence" (rising PSA). But you knew that.

For what that means statistically, put on your hip-waders and have a look at http://jco.ascopubs.org/cgi/content/full/24/24/3973. Based on that study (Table 3), with a PSA of 0.4, about 70% of guys made it through 10 years without "progression" (which I assume to mean no new clinical symptoms).

The next thing that seems to be important in most studies is to figure out your PSA "doubling time," (see http://www.mskcc.org/applications/nomograms/Prostate/SalvageRadiationTherapy.aspx) which seems to be the best predictor of your options from here.

Good luck.


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My DR. also gave me a 10 more years senario after which I told him I'll take it as long as I feel as good as I do now.

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Hi, my PSA rose to .38 11/2 years after robotic surgery. From what I have read this happens at least 20% of the time. I finished 38 radiation treatments and my PSA was <.01. From what I understand if you opt for radiation (which is no big deal) one has better results if you start while PSA is under.5

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My PSA started to rise about a year after surgery to .09 then at about 15 mos. it was .18. I also had a positive margin. I just completed 37 IMRT treatments. Luckily my side effects were tolerable. A little fatigue, diarrea, and a slight urinary blockage Which corrected itself with flomax. I wouldn't wait too long to decide. Chances are better for a cure if you get the IMRT while it is still small.

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