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How Long..........

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Can anyone one on Folfox 6,during their first round,tell me what is the average amount of time to go without being able to eat? My husband still after DC on Thuresday si not able to eat more than a bite or two of food a day.

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If you are talking about Oxilaplatin,Leucovorin, and 5fu it was about 4 days for me and the spicier the better...actually Chili was my preferred meal in small quantities..although it will make you run a little it overwhelmed the chemo and nausea and was actually very good to eat........

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I had a craving the other night for chili but never ate it as I was just disconnected and thought it was to heavy to eat. I usually try to eat something during chemo and after getting disconnected but sometimes I just can't force myself. Ask your husband if he could get down some soup - that always seems to sound good to me, although my taste buds are not working very well. I agree with Buzzard though, the spicier the better, but I can't overdo it or I will get sick. Salt and spices are a plus to eating anything right now for me.


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Sorry to be such a downer, but after my 4th treatment and last of Oxi, I went three months without eating solid food. I existed on Ensure and Boost. In the third month I was able to add some soup and smoothies. It took that long before I was able to tolerate anything cold.


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I really have not had a problem with eating. I do not drink cold drinks for a couple of days past DC. I drink them at room temperature. Try a variety of foods (pudding, saltines, canned fruit cocktail, soup, toast, animal crackers, cheese crackers, etc). I was given Ativan pills to take at home which prevent nausea. Arizona Tea has been the easiest for me to drink.

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I was 3 weeks after post op chemo before I could drink anything cold...As I went along though , it started with Crangrape (ocean spray type), then to Sunkist Orange, that was great as a warm drink and I stayed with that, I am a very big coffee drinker so the cold drinks weren't a very big problem for me, but my coffee was nasty tasting for about a week after a treatment.

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I am on 5FU/leucovrin,campostar and erbatux. My taste buds were wonky for 2 months before I was DX's, and are now completely gone. I truley resent it because I lost so much weight and I need to eat. Food feels like sandpaper and broken glass in my mouth. I have to eat bland fattening food- noodles with gravy, soups, milkshakes, cottage cheese.

Everyone is different but I am told that my taste won't come back until I'm done with cehmo...a year from now

Good luck and just try a variety of foods to see which work. Boost, Carnation Essentials on hand to keep noursihed


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Hi Seanslove,
My husband is on his 10th folfox treatment on Tuesday. He can usually eat day 1 and 2 when his pump is on. After he is detached, it is a bit harder. On those days, he will usually eat saltines with peanut butter on them if I put them down in front of him. He also really likes fresh squeezed room temp orange juice. He says the oj takes the metal taste away. Sometimes my husband will say, "No need to get me anything." But when I put the crackers and peanut butter down in front of him he'll eat.
He has not lost any weight on chemo. He lost 20 lbs from his surgery and has gained 5 of that back. He's at his high school athlete weight and very happy about it. :)
Best to the 2 of you.

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I just started Chemo two weeks ago and basically I eat a little but the smell of food is really bothering me, The smells will stick with me for days, and the taste in my mouth is really bad, I can't have anything cold and that is really hard because you can't quench your thurst, and touching cold is like putting your hand in fire, I was so glad to find out on the 6th or 7th day after Chemo , i could stand cold a little better , But then I went to Chemo the next tuesday and I am back were i started.

Also I have to stay relly close to the bathroom, the loose stool is really bad, for several days, it hits without warning.

my cancer has spread to my liver and i am really scared anyone know much about liver surgery?
I have to have it in October.

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Hi, Winnie

I had cancer spread to the liver and originally was set for a liver resection, but that plan changed when they had me opened up.

The plan switched to RFA, which is Radio Frequency Ablation. Metal prong is inserted into the tumor on the liver and is heated to an extremely high temperature and thereby frying and destroying the tumor at a local level.

They could not get all of the tumor in my case, because it was close to a blood supply and they went as far as they could go. We then used CbyerKnife, which is a computer programmed laser accurate radio surgery, where high concerntration of radiation over a 2 hour period, surgically "cut" the remant of the tumor out. Treatments are usually a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5. Recover is pretty good, you are tried and dragged out for a week or so and then your energy begans returning.

These might be procedures that would be eligible for you. Sounds like the think you are a liver resection candidate at this point. Would not hurt to discuss the options I've mentioned so you would have them in your arsenal in case you needed to switch to them.

They helped prolong my life so far - I did them 2 days after Christmas in 2007 and so far I've beaten the odds...doctors said I would get the Cancer back in my liver within a year, but so far have not...knock on wood.

Welcome to the board and we're sorry that we have to meet like this under these circumstances, but so happy you have found the site and all the wonderful people on here that you will meet.

Definitely keep us posted and we'll be praying for a successful outcome!

All my best to you

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How is Sean doing (Sunday night)?

Hopefully you will get a chance to talk to the oncologist- someone on here, and I agree with them, said his dose might be too high.

One of the first things my oncologist said about this chemo drugs, that vomiting generally is not one of the more common symptoms. I know there are many that will tell me differently :) the severity of what you are talking about with Sean, the rapid onset of it, really doesn't fit with what I understand about the 5FU and oxi drug symptoms. So definitely talk to the oncologist.

The other pieces from me to you :) Make sure he takes the anti-vomiting pills before he even starts chemo. Easier to stay on top of it that way. I know all too well not being able to take anything in, basically everything tasted like crap. Even water. What I was able to do was Ensure or Boost, in a coffee cup, mic'ed up to coffee temp, then sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon. Some days, many days, I would nurse that one cup of Ensure all day long.

The other thing you need to be aware of, is he getting dehydrated. I am guessing he is with vomiting and not wanting to drink anything. Make sure the oncologist knows this- he may need to go in and get a bag of IV fluids. The last 2 months of chemo I was on IV fluids every other day. Actually the fluids would perk me up a bit.

I know the discouraging parts all to well, I remember blogging after treatment #4 that all I could do was cry, that the thought of anymore chemo? that I didn't know if I could do it. I wish I had better words to help you support him. It is a rough place to be at and my thought is just to make sure that the oncologist knows how truly tough this has been.

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What planet is your doctor on? LOL! (just kidding) Vomiting is very much a side effect of 5FU and it's friends oxaliplatin, etc. and was one of the first things my doc warned me about. Nausea is bad, but vomiting is the worst. Yes, watch out for dehydration. I was bagged (iv's) every single chemo week, usually 2 or 3 times. We tried many anti-nausea drugs. Finally Emend did the trick. You start taking it before the chemo drip and take it 3 times. It's a miracle drug for me.

Hugs, Vicki

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Thanks for all the wondeful advise. When I hit him with the thoughts of IV's,hospitals,and feeding tubes on Saturday he started to turn around. He's been drinking quite a bit more,eating popcycles and fudge cycles,as well as small portions os pot pies and last night about six bites of chillie I cooked. Oh how I missed home cooked food,even if I had to be the one to cook it,lol,he's the cook in our house.
We see onoc on Wednsday and I will make sure she knows how hard first round was on him. She to tried to tell us oh these drugs have a less than 5% chance of side effects,well if that's true he hit the less than 5% cause he got almost all of them. We are now four days out from the last chemo dripping into him and the vomitting has subsided and now just a little nausea remains. Two mornings in a row now without the dry heaves,hoep this is a good sign.

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It was the very same for me.....4 days of crap and then start to feel better each day until chemo day then back to square one.....but the treatments will end and that will be the best day of your "new" life.......keep the chin up.. :)

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There are several meds the oncologist can prescribe to prevent
the nausea and vomiting, he really doesn't have to endure that.
I lost my appetite as well and about the only thing that I
enjoyed eating was fast foods......Arbys market fresh turkey
and swiss for one....Taco Bell, etc......haven't been back
to either since I came off chemo in December. There is a great
cookbook called Eating Well with Cancer that has good recipes
and divides them up by side effect....such as for constipation,
diarrhea, nauseu, etc.....


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Nana b
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Ask away.......you can pm if you like.

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