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yesterdays chemo did not go well

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I just wanted to let you all know that Al's chemo did not go well at all yesterday. He is
in Shadyside Hospital in Pittsburgh. All wall was going well until he stood up after the
EPi.he felt shaky and then couldn't catch his breath the gave he o2 and some ativan and sent us to the er to make sure he wasn't throwing a blod clot. They kept him over night of course it slept on a cot next to him, then he started spiking a temp. I seemed to be going a little better and the was sure that they were going to D/c him and then he started to spike a temp again so he is still there.

I wonder if they over loaded him with to much chemo? He is resting well and in a good place I would have never left excep my brother is a nurse there and has a 12 hr sift tonight and they all know to page hime with anything. Thank God for that. But is still fell guilty for leaving but as all caretakers know we need out strength!

I'm sure he will be fine but he just looks so bad and I have no control over anything.

I hate feeling out of control.

I guess I'm venting I'm so tired!

Thanks to all


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As we were told when my husband started chemo, sometimes people are allergic to the chemo, has side effects and etc, it all depends on the person. I wish you the best and don't feel guilty for leaving we all have to have rest. i will be in your shoes next week.

take care

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hello there i just wanted to let u know to hang in there and plz do take care of your self because u yourself needs rest amd time to yourself so u can be rested up for him.
my son has being taking chemo for a year n a half and it does get better once they get the correct dose and etc it will be rocky at first but it will smooth out.
and the guilf feeling you r having well u will always have that because we as the caretaker feels we are the only one that can take care of them and we r there protector but just try when u can to go home and get rest.
hang n there from poopsiegal of stl.

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I am so sorry to hear that your husband's chemo didn't go well. People can have a lot of different reactions to chemo. I am glad he is in a hospital you trust, and it is great that your brother works there!! Do not feel guilty about leaving, you need to get your rest as well!!! He knows you are there for him! Feel free to vent any time...we are here for you!

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Al! Let us know how he's doing.


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Good Morning Kathy!!!

I'm sorry to hear Al had such a hard time!!! My father is the one that William is speaking of. They will be leaving for Pittsburgh on Tuesday. Do not feel guilty for going home to get rest, you need it!! Take care and let us know how Al is doing today. I really would like to email you about your Drs. over there. I'm curious if you and my parents have run into each other. Take care!!

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