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As I have posted on Back From surgerey. whenb I had part of my lung removed, the Doctor told my wife 'IT IS A GOOD CANCER" he called it Carcinoma but did not go into it except sayinhg that THE PROGNOSIS IS GOOD. the Mass was there for over one year and althuogh it was noiced it was not treated until I did my PETSCAN back in May 21 and can had Surgery on June 30.

I have read on this list many comments n Carcinoma. CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN WHY MY DR. CALLED IT GOOD CANCER??????

Don Carlos

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Carcinoma IS cancer, doncarlos. I think what your doctor probably meant by 'good cancer' is one of the following: (a) it is/was not an aggressive type of cancer; (b) they were able to get all of it, all that they could see; (c) both of the above.

From my reading, experience, and talk with other lung cancer survivors, it is evident to me that the 'good cancer' to have in the lungs (and, really, doncarlos there ARE NO good cancers...some are perhaps more manageable, but do not be falsely lured into some sense of everlasting security: there ARE NO good cancers) is squamous cell carcinoma. It is a non-small cell lung cancer, less aggressive than small cell cancer, and, apparently, based on reading from others here, a bit easier to handle even than another NSLCS, adenocarcinoma (sp?).

Hope this helps. Bear it mind that it is just a guess.

Take care,


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Great replay Joe. That is what I told my Dr. but he laughed and said the same thing yu said. EASY TO HANDLE. However I know that there is no such a thing as a good Cancer, Ijust get confused on the Carcinoma and other problems I read about it. Mine was just hiding there , and I am very, concerened that it was detected on X rays back in January 2008 and no one actually did anything about it.

Good response Joe, Thanks


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