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Chemo day 2 and 3 at home

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Well,I can say all started out really well on the first day of chemo. Sean was hungry and ate some,however day two and the start of day three aren't not going as well. We have been dripping 5FU since about 12:30 Tuesday and by the end of day one going into day two thing have went down hill. He can no longer eat and drinking even to take pills is becoming troublesome. We have two types of sick pills (promthesine and Zolpran)of which neither is really helping.
He's back to throwing up again and feeling like crap. As it is 8:49 am now I except the infussion complete alarm to go off at anytime at which time we can have the home health care people come DC his line. OH God am I counting the minutes to the end of this going into his body. Everyone keeps promising that within a day or so his syptoms will start subsiding and he will start feeling better. I can only pray this is true as he is ready to give up.
He has been fighting this since April at home and since May when diagnoised in the hospital. With all the weight loss and now the inability to eat or drink,his mind and body are losing the desire to fight. Can anyone offer us some hope?

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I have just completed my second round of chemo, but my first one three weeks ago went similar to what you have described. My 1st was on a Wednesday which went fine and Thursday was good, but Friday evening everything changed I was nausea and so fatigued I could not even walk to the restroom without help, I did throw-up but only a couple of times, I had 104 fever off and on for the next four days and my pressure with way down I was also having a real hard time breathing, I ended up in the ER they gave me fluids got my pressure under control and gave me oxygen, they wanted to keep me but I insisted on going home I did go to my lung doctor the next day and he ordered me oxygen for home which has helped. I do feel alot better now, so hang in there it really should get better.

I have Non cell cancer both lungs with mets in right rib, shoulder back of neck and lower back.

Hope this helped.

P.S. This might not work yet but I take a pill once a day called Methylin 10mg which is the same thing they give children (Ridlin) it really gives me energy.

Take good care of him!


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We already have the big oxygen machine here at home as when he came home from the hospital in May he had a chest tube in,we also have the portable tanks for when he goes to doctor vists or when he can walks. Last night was a rough one for him,up and down with the dry heaves,which made his heart race,and a tighting in his chest. No fever,just on and off hot and cold. I know most wound panic with the heart racing,however,we have been dealing with this one for a while now. He is on heart med's and baby asprin and we know when he becomes stressed in any way that his heart rate will go up,but within an hour or less will return to norms.
Thanks for the info on the energy pill,however,with the heart issue,we try and keep his system slowed down,as this is casued by the pressure from the collapsed lung.

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Sometimes they say that the treatment is worse than the disease itself. When my hubby first started chemo he was very very sick for a few days after. I was terrified because I thought it was the cancer just getting worse. Then after about two days he suddenly looked good and no more nausea. It's hard for you to see this I know, but sad to say it is indeed part of the process for many patients. Some have no side effects at all and some have every last one of them.

My hubby has had about 5 treatments now and the side effects are much easier now. I don't know if it's because his body is adjusting to the chemo or what. I'm just happier that it's getting easier.

I know your hubby doesn't want to eat or drink but it's important that he does. They say drinking plenty of fluids helps flush the chemo thru his system. Then try blending the ensure with some ice cream to help him keep from losing to much weight.

Good luck and please let us know how your both doing.

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Thanks for the info Michelle. I am doing everything I can to keep him from the ER as I know they will just go to town poking and proding,this seems to be the way of the ER. I kind of knew,with all the weight loss and lack of eating prior to chemo,the risk of the side effects would probaly be higher for him. He is drinking lots of water,even with the couple of time he has had issues. These issues seem to come and go,which in accordance with the chemo reg. book they gave us,seem to be on target for typical or possiable side effects.
At this time,6:30 am,we have not hit any of the call the doctor if side effects,so I still feel as if we are in the safe zone. I think when we see his Onc. on Wen. I will ask if we can reduce the amount of the Oxyiplatin,as I believe this is the one from all the papers has caused the issues,the papers even say the doseage may need to be adjusted if too many side effects present.
Oh the ensure battle. Now I admit,I have not tried one,but he remembers how much his mom hated them,therefore,refuses to drink them. Now he tells me you try one and see how good they are,and since we only have one left in the firdge,when I go to the store today I am going to buy more and drink one in front of him,that way,maybe he'll drink one too.

love Jim
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Ask your doctor about Emend. It is given IV the day of chemo and by pill two days after. My husband was disagnosed 4-1-09 due to a plueral effusion. He had stage IIIB adenocarcinoma. After 4 rounds of chemo it has spread to his ribs and spine. I feel your pain this is the harded thing I have ever had to deal with. I hope the chemo gets easier for him and he gets good results.

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I will be starting my Chemo treatments this Weds 08/05/09. I have stage 2 nsclc Adenocarcinoma 4.8cm. My tumor is against my spine and ribs on the upper right lobe near my shoulder. Due to poor lung function I do not qualify for surgery. I will have 2 types of Chemo treatements Cisplatin and Etoposide and am told that will take 4 hours, in addition I need to take Etoposide pills for the next 5 days following. I am scheduled for radiation treatments to start same day after my first Chemo treatment, every day except Sat & Sun. Chemo is 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. Radiation every day for 6-7 weeks. I am very nervous about side effects. I am 59 and a non smoker. I also have no family in the state I live in. Any tips on coping with side effects are greatly appreciated.

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Hi Becky, I can mention a medication that worked fine for me against nausea, I know ARobben is taking same medication and it worked for him also.

Ask your doctor about Emend, it really helps a lot, I have had no nausea and I have already had 4 kemo sessions.



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I sure do wish all of you the best of luck.
Chemo sucks they poison you just enough then you get better an they poison you some more hope it works for all of you it is a long hard fight.
God bless you all

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