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New Diagnosis

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A good friend in his 50s was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago. They have found 5 tumors in his liver, which they said is the primary cancer, and two in his lungs, which they say are secondary. He also has hep c and is a long time smoker. Since diagnosis, he has lost much weight and quit smoking of course as he has felt so ill. He will be treated starting next week at Baylor in Fort Worth and I believe they plan to use stereotactic radiosurgery as well as chemo. Does anyone have any experience with this procedure and any thoughts on prognosis? The doctor has not discussed the issue of prognosis/life expectency with him yet.

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Hi, JC

I read where stereotactic is primary used in the brain, not the liver or lungs. GammaKnife is also used in those areas.

I had RFA surgery and CyberKnife radio surgery, both at Baylor with very good results at the local level - since it was systemic, chemotherapy followed for another 8 months, but locally in the liver, we zapped it.

I'm wondering if RFA and CyberKnife would be what they are referring to.

At any rate, they certainly sound similar. Baylor is a good hospital and one of the reasons I'm alive to be able to write to you today.

I will pray for a positive outcome for you both. Baylor is a good place to be.


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Dear JCinTX - Although I did not have cancer, I did have a benign brain tumor treated by Gamma Knife Radiation in 1991. It was fairly experimental then. I am happy to report that my tumor has not grown in 19 years. They expanded the Gamma Knife programs through the years to include cancer patients due to its temporary shrinkage and or growth stopping results. I thank God everyday for Ladislau Steiner who pioneered this technique and performed it on me. Have hope and faith.

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