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Trying to Keep Positive

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Hi Friends. I am 47 yo wife, a mom of 2 boys (both soccer players-one at the college level), was diagnosed with breast cancer 11/08, had mastectomy 12/08. Stage 1, no lymph node involvement. Low oncotype score so no chemo or radiation. I take tamoxifen daily. I am a smoker and I quit on 6/22/09, to get ready for my reconstructive surgery on 7/22 ( and because I needed to quit). Lost my voice at the time I quit, very sore lungs, very sore back (spasm, pain, etc)- thought it was associated w/ stopping smoking. Well, a "scope" last Friday showed a paralyzed left vocal cord. Was sent immediately to have CT scan. Hello. A mass 2.5 x 2.1 in the left lung is pushing on the vagus nerve. Areas are also showing up on my thorac and lumbar. I meet with a pulmonologist tomorrow morning, have a ct scan of lower body Friday. I am so scared, sad and pissed. I have been reading this site since Last Friday and have read soo many wonderful stories, suggestions, experiences. I hope to be a focused contributor, but right now I just wanted to introduce myself. I hope each of you can have some serenity today.
Mary Beth

PBJ Austin
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Thank you for introducing yourself, you are most welcome on this board. I joined a few months ago when my kid sister was diagnosed with brain cancer and the people here have offered great comfort to me. I came to the lung cancer forum about 3 weeks ago when I was mistakenly told there's a 90% chance I have lung cancer. It is a scary thing indeed to be fighting this monster, but please post here anytime you need to chat, vent or cry.

Hugs and blessings to you and all members of this board.

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I join PBJ in welcoming you, Mary Beth. It is a lousy club to join, for the reasons that we join, but I must say, this club is populated by some absolutely wonderful and astonishingly strong individuals. In that regard, you have come to the right place.

Although my kids no longer play the beautiful game, incidentally, my daughter played for four years at the college level after being named the MVP of her high school team in her senior year. She went on to coach and play in the Netherlands briefly. My son was also the MVP of his high school team his senior year, but turned down a scholarship offer, regrettably.

And, dear old dad coached the game, mostly without my own kids, at various levels for some 15 years. I love the game; the game has been good to my family and to me.

But, it is best if I not get rolling on that subject :).

Again, welcome. I hope that your meeting with PulmoGuy went well. Please let us know how it is going for you.

Take care,


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Softball is our game. Mom of 4, the youngest just graduated. Nice to meet you. You are feeling everything that everyone else on this page has felt at one time or another. But try to stay focused and save all that energy. I hope everything goes well for you and you will be in my prays.

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My daughter has lung cancer and has been having treatment for 7 months. Today she is in hospital having a blood transfusion. In the hope of getting information on the stage she is at, I came across this website. Thank you all for your support of each other, your focus and wonderful positive outlook. I have had a lot of my questions answered, and though I am sitting here crying it's with hope . I know you have heard it all before but thank you and God bless

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