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Semi Colon Prayer to God for Donna and Pattee Who are In Surgery Today

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Hi, Gang

We've got 2 of our own "out on the wire" today having surgery - Donna and Pattee.

I was feeling very concerned for them this morning and just wanted to say a prayer for the both of them this morning, so that they could feel the healing power of God today as they journey towards a successful outcome of their surgeries.

Let us bow our heads and pray.

Dear Lord

We pray to you today for help, guidance and strength and for a successful surgery and a positive outcome for Donna and Pattee and their families today. We ask for you to use your power to assist and guide the surgeons and their staff so that their skills can be used for healing. We ask you for peace and your comforting touch for the both of them and their families during this difficult ordeal. We know this is a trial they have to endure and we ask you that Donna and Pattee do not have to walk alone, but are safe in your loving arms today and always. We ask all of this in Your Name – Amen.

Thank you everybody!


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I woke up at 4:00 a.m. this morning thinking about Donna and what she is going thru today.
I sure thank you for giving us this lovely prayer today. I'm sure Pattee and Donna will be as appreciative as I am. I thought about printing out the list of everyones well wishes and sending them on to Donna. Bet that someday real soon, she will appreciate all the prayers and concerns that we've had for her and for Pattee, too. Here's hoping they both return to the board in good spirits and feeling great real soon!

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I enjoyed reading and praying right along with your prayer. AMEN

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I prayed with your post.


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Though I am relatively new here I would like to join is as I have been reading their stories since I have been here.....

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Prayers being said that all went well for both for surgery and recovery. Hope they both touch base when they get to feeling better.


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I read along in prayer for Donna and Pattee today.


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Thank you so much for the prayer.

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Beautiful prayer - I prayed along with your post too.

Fight for my love
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I prayed with your post too,thank you very much,Craig.Donna and Pattee,please be well soon.God bless.

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May God's favor and blessings be with them and us all!


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I am saying an extra prayer of healing for both. Thank you, Craig.

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That was a beautiful prayer.....May God Bless both of them today and wrap his loving arms around them through their surgeries. God Bless, Patti

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and wishing them only good results.

Diane Tavegia

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I firmly believe that prayers go up and blessings come down. That was a beautiful prayer and I'm sure both of them appreciate it. I am praying for them too, along with you and for all the rest of us too.
God Bless you, Carletta

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I prayed along with your prayer. Thank you so much. I will continue to include them and all of you in my daily prayers.
God bless.


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Add me to the ones praying.


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I also prayed along with you.

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Praying with you and for all of you too.

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Add me to the list of those praying for them.

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I prayed with you,may god be with them ,and you.

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Special prayers have also been said today.

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When I was going in for my surgery a nun came in and prayed with my husband and I. My surgeons held the knives but I know who was holding their hands steady....


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What a lovely prayer for both our friends. I am sure GOD was with them all the way and they are doing well. I will try to call Donna tomorrow and get an update. Till then GOD bless them both and all of us that are in need of his love and help.

God Bless all and all a good night

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What a wonderful prayer! I've been praying as well.


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I am back to working full time, so I am a bit late here, but I have been praying for everyone on the board. Especially Donna and Pattee.

Many hugs, Vicki

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krystle singer
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My prayers have and will continue to be with them daily.
I was so blessed with a vast network of prayer warriors and know that Donna and Pattee well be equally blessed.

Prayers for all of the good people on the board.


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Wow! What a wonderful prayer and you are a wonderful person for posting it. Donna and Pattee are truly blessed to have such awesome prayer warriors on their side. May God give them the strength and peace they need during this time.

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Praying for positive reports and a speedy recovery.

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That waa a beautiful prayer that brought me to tears, I felt you all around me believe it or not, and felt the thoughts of you all during the surgery, it was a rough one, but I got throught it, thanks to all of you! You are all such special people and I love yas all very much!


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Donna and Pattee, I pray your ok, Craig's prayer say what we all want for yo and your families.

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