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Itcy skin

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When I get hot my face, neck and arms itch like crazy. I've tried Benedryl with no relief, anybody have any ideas or does this happen to anyone else? I take chemo (5FU and Avastin) every other week on Monday. The problem is no worse on the week I take my chemo than the week I don't take chemo. This happens anytime I'm hot, even my hot flashes, or a too hot shower. I can't do gardening and have to take cool down breaks to do house work. It is really bad here in Arkansas where the heat index has been hitting 110 this week.
Oh, is this something I should tell my doctor?

Thanks for any help,

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I am no longer on chemo, but the regime I took was FLOFOX (5FU, Lecovorin and Oxy). I only got flushed in the face and neck, but just about 6 months ago, I started developing this spontanous itchy rash that would appear anytime of the day but especially when I got warm or overheaded. I went to a dermatologist and he rumbled off some long name I can't remember and prescribed XYZAL 5mg which works great for me. I take it only 3 times a week I started with Benedryl, but it really did not work well.

The only down fall is that my insurance does not cover the cost, so I am forced to pay out of pocket about $95.00 every two months, which really isn't that bad.

Make sure you speak with your doctors about the rash to make sure it is not a side effect of any of your chemo drugs.

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I itched in places I would prefer not to mention. I started taking zyrtek for the allergies which were getting worse with chemo also, and that actually helped me.

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I am on folfiri which has the 5FU and Aviston in it. I have broke out in a small itchy rash on arms... and some areas itch with no rash.... like my neck... anyway, I use this over the counter stuff called "SARNA Original Anti-Itch lotion" It feels real cool when you put it on... just a suggestion.... and its a good idea to let your onc. know


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