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too long of a "chemo in-between breaks"? so far its been 3 weeks without any chemo

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Just want to ask out there, since my mom's onc wanted to meet after 5 chemo (he pretty much explained chemo wasnt working on the liver mets and will need to use another drug), on the 20th of July, he asked us to call him to double check the status of things....and see what the new "schedule" is or option to take on my mom's chemo....she has been off chemo for 3 1/2 weeks now, im just afraid its too much time off any meds at all...i know the onc said it wasnt working and need a new plan/drug, but im just wondering if any of you guys had to take a prolong break in between chemo to test out new medication....etc..?

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There are 2 brand new clinical trials going on, they've started within the last month. One is for fostamatinib, the other for olaparib. both require that she be off conventional therapy for 4-5 weeks. both of these are very promising and are currently enrolling. If I could choose just one I would go for the olaparib study.

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I went five weeks without chemo because of the ill effects oxi was having on me. Three months without eating, my doctor didn't want to make me any weaker.


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i just had 6 weeks off from all drugs because i started in a study yesterday. the med used in the study is called panitummab and it calls for no meds for 5 weeks. the one great thing is i feel great. i didnt need premeds or anything for nausea.i no it is my first treatment and i have another one in 2 weeks and things can change but for today im really glad i had that break so that i was able to start out feeling really good.

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