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round 2 for chemo

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Hi everyone,

Tomarrow Al goes for round 2 of his Epirubicin and Oxaliplatin. He still has his constant
5fu pump. I am just very nervous that his labs may not be good enough for the 2nd round.
I always get nervous the day before Dr's appts. You never know what the numbers will be if he's lost weight etc. On top of that he gets really cranky the day before, and today
he has been really fatigued. So needless to say it hasn't been a great day. Tomarrow will be a long day.

Please keep us in your prayers, every little bit helps.

Thanks to all

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Hi Kathy!

Your husband is on the same "cocktail" I was. Except, I took Xeloda, which is the pill form of 5fu. I was really fatigued throughout treatments as well, more so during radiation though. The only round that had to be pushed back for me because of a low wbc was the 4th round. How many rounds does your husband have to do? I had to do 4 rounds of the Epirubicin and Oxilplatin, but did 6 months total with the Xeloda as I took it during radiation. I always hated knowing that that appointment was right around the corner as well, so I know how your husband feels!! I took ativan before I went to put the nerves at ease. I will be thinking about you guys tomorrow!!

My thoughts are with you!


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My prayers are with you Mumphy!!! I'll be anxious to hear from you. I wrote to you on another message about the Hillman Center. Kitten - I'm so sorry that you've had to deal with this at such a young age. My father is 70 and I just can't imagine a younger person dealing with this. You've done fantastic and give me hope in my father's case. I've been in touch very closely with William and he's a total inspiration to me!! My prayers and well wishes go out to everyone that is on this site!!

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