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Parotid Cancer and me.

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I asked a doctor what the bony spot below my ear was, and was sent to a specialist. I could have a fine needle biopsy[I hate needles], or he could remove the tumor and then the lab would test it. I went through the first surgery in Feb. of 2007. He nicked something and my left eye didn't close right when I blinked. On June 12, 2007 Dr. Meyer at Mayo Clinic in MN operated and "got it all" including a couple lymph nodes. In May of 2009 I had a brow lift, as the muscles had drooped. Now my eye closes 99% better, and I am over two years towards being able to say "I beat it"!
My grandmother had a breast removed about 30+ years ago and finally died at age 104! You can beat it! CANCER is a word, that's all. The disease may get us, but not the word!

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My best friend was diagnosed with stage four parotid cancer and has had surgery radiation and chemo.. She gets her first pet tuesday... Any hope you can share would be so appreciated

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