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loss of kidney function

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Has anybody experienced a loss of kidney function post surgery. I never had problems, now since colon removal and temp illeostomy it is down 54%. Kidney Doc doesn't have a clear explanation, he just sends me in for test every couple of months and is slowly ruling out causes, he gave clearance for reversal and hopes that clears it up, if not more tests..

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did you ever use fleets phopho soda as a colon prep. If so, you could be entitled to monies. Call whatever lawyer that handling the big class action suit. I used it 5 time without problems but apparently if its gonna mess you up it's gonna be on the 1st or 2nd use. There have been a whole bunch of people who've lost kidney function due to it.

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Yes, I went into renal failure post surgery. Too dehydrated from the bowel prep. Took them 3 weeks to get it all sorted out and get me home.

Also am still having kidney problems since the Oxliplatin. My kidneys are wasting and dump Potassium and Magnesium that my body needs. I've been out of chemo since Thanksgiving. Nephrologist said he's seen this last for 2 year. The mag is doing much better, but still taking 40meq of Pottasium a day.

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my mom had a brain aneurysm and has kidney issues from the contrast in all the ct scans she had to get.. so that is another possibility

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