Chemo day 1

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I wanted to post this for anyone else who maybe facing their first day of chemo. For my husband the first time sure did have him and I scared,however,upon arriving our fears were quickly laid to rest. In his case,he only did a 2 1/2 hour push in short stay and was able to bring the 48 hour drip home,therefore,as I write,he is laying here at home with his drip going.
He is reciving FolFox 6 which is Oxalipatin(done on the push),Leucovorin(done on the push),a small bag of Fluorouracil(done on the push),then 48 hour drip of the Fluorouracil. The small bag was done to insure no reactions so when we came home we would know the odds of a toxic reaction were less than.001%.
Prior to any chemo drug going in his port they gave him a whooping dose of Zolpran which kept the upset stomache to little or nothing. He only got a little green around the gills once about half way through the Oxalipatin,which is the drug known to make you sick to your stomach,however,he did not throw up,and upon arriving home,within a half an hour,for the first time in a week said,"I'm Hungry". Best words I have heard in a long time. He was able to eat over half a burger and quite a few fry's. While most would tell you this is less than a healthy approach or diet,he has lost over 40lbs so his doctors said if he'll eat it,feed it to him.
We go for round two in two weeks. I know I came to these boards searching for answers on how others went through their first day,and I wanted to return the favor,and hopefully bring some comfort to another,as many here have comforted me.


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    Hi there
    Seanslove, I also had my kemo today, 4th round.

    Strange things heppened, first, I discovered that the nurses or medical assistants have been using carboplatin instead os cisplatin as I was told by the oncologist so I was amazed. How this can happen in a hospital? Anyway, after kemo I went to the oncologist for my monthly check. I asked her about follow-up tests as I have had none and had been told nothing about them. She said, for unsure reaction to kemo, every 4 rounds, for people she can watch a good response after kemo, every 6 rounds and she said she has observed I have had a 95% response to the kemo, that I am doing marvelous and she stated she would like all patients get as good results as me.

    That blows my hearth and completely forgot to mention the "change" between ciplatin and carboplatin as they both do the same and as far as she is watching good results after clinical examinations (don´t know what that means exactly as she do some tests in the clinic and also some medical stuffs) I´m in the mood to wait for 2 more rounds to get a CT/PET scan.

    I drove back to my city (I´m getting my kemo in a city 1 hour away from where I live), I was starving, had two steaks cooked with onions and garlic and two dishes full of beans (Hey, I am Mexican and my wife cooks like an angel).

    Now I am here after watching the news and planning to take my 5 yo daughter to the movie to watch Ice Age 3 as she´s begging hard for me to take her there, lol.

    Got my prednisone pill last night and came back home with more to take one tomorrow and the last one the day after tomorrow. Emend to take as indicated in the box (one tonight, one tomorrow and the last one the day after tomorrow) and my 7 shots of Neupogen (filgrastim) to help raise my defenses.

    There is another medication prescribed to take one 20 minutes before every meal, the problem is that I don´t know the name or brand in the US, in Spanish its name is Metoclopramida and it is intended for your stomach to process your meals quickly so it helps agains the nausea and also against constipation.

    Feeling great as use to feel the first two days after kemo, then a little tired but with the neupogen I still can do a normal life so will be fine for another 4 weeks.

    God thanks my oncologist as she´s a great human being and feel very comfortable with her and everyone at the hospital has been touched in their hearths by god, that´s my feeling. Marvelous persons.