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scared and waiting to see ENT

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I have been having a lump in my throat sensation and some mild throat irritation for a number of weeks. I was tested for strep which was negative and also given antibotics that didn't help. I am now seeing an ENT doctor in 2 weeks. My left tonsil seems alittle inflamed and swollen. I am a 45 yr old female who was a light smoker but quit 9 yrs ago. I am worried about tonsil or base of tongue cancer and would really appreciate your insight. I realize I have not been diagnosed whereas all of you have been going through tough times so I'm not sure you would want me on this site, but I do really appreciate any info you could give. Everything I have been reading makes me realize what inspirations you all are. Thanks Jennnifer

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My suggestion would be to take a deep breath, slow down, and not let a non-existent cancer take something from you. As of right now, you are cancer-free. You have the great fortune, however, to have been slapped across the face with the fact of mortality, whether you end up with cancer or not.

For now, enjoy the realization that you will someday pass away. Live each day as if it is your last. Seriously. Most people never receive that gift. Most people simply live as if they will live forever. You have been granted a view that most do not experience. Relish the realization, whatever the results, and begin to enjoy every day as if it were your last.

If it comes to pass that you have cancer (and, truly, it is rarer than people suspect), well then, many of us are here to tell you that it is not the end of the world, but the beginning of a new one.

We are here for you. Let us know how those tests go.

Take care,


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Hi Jennifer,

Everbody on this site has been just as scared (terrified might be a better choice of words)as you are now. Fear and anxiety of the unknown is not a place any of us ever wanted to be. I can't thing of any other experience in my life that was more terrifying than hearing "you have cancer".

I personally didn't experienced a sore throat or any of the symptoms that you described. My only symptom was swelling on the right side of my neck. I had no idea what it was. I finally seen the family Doc and she referred me to the ENT.

I was absolutely shocked when he said that he suspected my right tonsil was cancerous. I was on pins and needles until the biopsy confirmed that it was in fact cancer.

Why wouldn't we want you on this site? I wished I would have been smart enough to utilize this site for the wealth of experience, support and knowledge that these Survivors possess.
They are absolutely the best! I can't think of a better place to voice your concerns and fears even if you haven't been diagnosed with cancer.

Another really good thing about several of the Survivors here is that every now and than their humor will help you get over some of the rough spots you may encounter should you have to fight the beast that we've all had to fight.

Hoping that you'll soon be telling us that your fears were unfounded and it isn't cancer.

God Bless!


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I would only add that there are so many possible causes for the symptoms you describe OTHER THAN cancer that it is too early to give up and decide you are doomed. Because, quite frankly, worst case is that you do have the disease but it sounds like it is so early in the game that treatment and cure are highly likely.

So, don't go counting malignant chickens before they are diagnosed.

And, to echo Jim above, you are absolutely on the right board. This board's main theme of course is Head and Neck Cancer. But, we are about people.............people who are scared, have questions, need answers, and deserve support. Of course you are welcome.

We are all standing by...............please keep us posted pronto.


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