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Liposarcoma of the neck

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Anybody out there that has/had liposarcoma of the neck??

I was diagnosed April of 09, i went through 2 surgeries before we knew it was cancer. the 3rd sugery was for resection which included skin and muscle so there was a skin graft as well. Since June 30 (date of surgery #3) i have been recovering from that surgery. There were a few setbacks with the skin graft, wasn't healng properly at first and then it was over-healing (was getting pimple like bumps on the graft). that has finally healed and i am scheduled for a ct scan to make a plan for my radiation that should start next week.

Looking for someone who has gone through a similar situation, I want to know what I will be looking forward to in radiation, so far the plan is 30 sessions (mon-fri for the next 6 weeks).


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