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My husband will be going on this as soon as they can get it. Has anyone had any experience with it? He did Sutent without effect. Did Torisel which got good results as of May 1st, but now things are worse than before.


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Hi ruthelizabeth
My husband just finished his first cycle of Sutent so we are newbies to this advanced renal cell carcinoma but if you go to kidneycancer.org you will find many people on the site that have /had good results and not so good with being on Affinitor. You may want to read the posts or actually ask the question. Did you ever hear about a magazine Cure? If you read some of these kidney posts on this site you should find the internet site and be able to read the article and can join the magazine for free. They had a hopeful article on kidney cancer and if I'm not mistaken the wife of the gentleman in the picture posted a few threads on the kidneycancer.org forum site. I even think he is on Affintor and doing well.
Hope this helps.

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Hi, everebody, i'm looking for someone who use afinitor end since when? My husband has a kidney cancer iv stage and after sutent we use afinitor.

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My husband has been using Afinitor for about six weeks now after failing treatment with Sutent. We haven't had any scans done yet to see if it is working or not, but he does feel much better on the Afinitor than he did on the Sutent. He had severe side effects with Sutent, but really none with the Afinitor. Wish I had more results to share with you.

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