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Just Starting Lupron

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My 48yr old Husband started Lupron Shot 6/26 after radical prosectomy 5/14/09. path stage T3c N1 MX..Post Operation PSA 1.0. Radiation is sheduled Late Aug/ Early Sept.. So far no real side effects.. Also using Trimix with some success - a little leaking with that otherwise, completely dry even with heavy lifting and workout.. He has great attitude eating right working out..

Wondering what to expect with radiation... Prognosis is confusing.. Taking it one treatment at a time.. Anyone with similar stats?


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Hello Janette,

I had a R.P. on 02-06-1996 followed by 33 Radiation treaments in May of 1996.

No issues with the R.P. (Except ,of course, the recovery and all the stuff that folowws after a R.P.) The radiation was not an issue at all, not tired or anything.I went to a workout every day.

At present I feel great,(If I didn't know my psa I woun't know I had an issue) but my psa is slowly rising after 9 years at less than .1

Now it is 4.8 and I hate it but I will start on Lupron at some point.

I am now 75 .
Your input to the side effect of Lupron would be very helpful
With understanding and wishing you the best.....

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SO far there has not been much effect on him.. He has had a couple of hot flashes and said a couple of times he felt tired.. but he thought because he had over done it .. He is eating lots of veggies, mushrooms, fruit, low fat meat etc.. fish.. working out HARD.. He is worried about gaining weight so he is working out like he is training for a competition..

In fact he is worried it is not working because he does not feel very different.. First week of Aug he will get a new PSA test.. We are praying for .02.. Right now it is ONE post op..

It is wonderful to hear that you are doing well after a surgery in 1996.. I hope you can get your #'s back down..

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Just still checking with you to see if there are any further side effects from the Lupron shot

Is your husband on a 4 month Lupron cycle or is this just one lupron shot until radiation in August?

Will you be kind tell me why radiation is necessary?

My Lupron is postponed (once again) and I am glad

Wishing you well...

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Did your husband get bone,CT scans to determine where the cancer remains?
I had RP a week after your husband & now have a PSA of 0.4. Dr. ordered scans.
Then possible radiation & or lupron.

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Hi Janet. I had a radical prostectomy 11/6/09. Pathology report gleason score9, Psa score .825 March 2009 started Lupron a 4 month dose. Psa dropped to .007 Started radiation for 45 treatments. Will see Oncologist Aug 13. I have developed a significant iron deficiency. I work out or play golf 4 times a week. Have noticed significant muscle loss. But dealing with it by attitude, exercise and a great spouse. Give him lots of support.

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