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I'm also new to Melenoma

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I had a spot on my lower left that everyone kept asking about, but i would shrug it off and say that it was nothing. Boy, was I wrong!!! I went to see my Dr. on May 19, 2009 and right away he sent me to a surgeon. I saw that Dr. on May 21, 2009 and went in to surgery May 22, 2009. Talk about a shock!!!!! I had an a large excision & the tumor removed. On May 28,2009 I received the diagnosis, superficial spreading malignant melanoma!!!! A clarks level 3!! I had to wait for the surgery site to heal up for the next surgery on June, 19,2009. The surgeon removed more from the tumor site ( a bigger chunck) and some lympnodes. The path report from that surgery came back negative and the surgeon said he was sure that it was gone. I can't except that, so today I'm seeing my primary Dr. to discuss seeing an cancer Dr. I want to make sure that it's not somewhere else in my body!!!

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I was diagnosed with melanoma in April with a tumor on my head. In May the surgeon did a wide excision and sentinel lymph node biopsy. The biopsy came back negative. That was good news. The tumor however, had penetrated into the tissue below the skin and was ulcerated; what would be be either Clarks IV or V depending what you read. I met with an oncologist and he was suggesting interferon. While I was talking with the oncologist he called the surgeon and together they recommend another wider re-excision. That happened last week. Next step, back to the oncologist to schedule interferon treatment. Like the surgeon told me. They tore down the barn (removed the tumor); they just don't know if any of the horses (cancer cells) got out and where they went. I have had a PET-CT scan that came back negative, but they were quick to tell me the scan will only find tumors the size of a jelly bean or larger. If there are other cells lurking around in my body I won't know until they start multiplying. So, I will try the interferon to try and improve my chances staying around for my children and grandchildren. I would really like to see great-grandchildren! Wish you the best.

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Good Luck with the Interferon its not easy so prepare yourself.

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Hi,I was also diagnosed in April. Swollen lymphnode - removed tested Pos. They still have not found a primary. I had all the scans also, PET showed nothing. I thought I was possibly in the clear. But a consultation with an oncologyst #2 highly recommended removing the rest of the local nodes (left neck) After a lot of thought I did it. They found one more out of 17 pos. Path report says tumor w/extra capsular extremities, vascular invasion present. I'm glad I did it. I didn't think they would find anything except maybe a cell or two. I hate to be a bummer but I think other diagnosee's should know even the advanced tech. PET is not conclusive. (I was holding to that belief for a few mos.)
I have not heard great things about interferon but have not heard terrible things either. Other than the lack of energy patients experience. I have opted for a clinical trial which breaks the melanoma cell into harmless components and is injected into (blood stream or lymph system?)Then the body recognises it as a foriegn entity and attacks it. I also have taken just about all the immunne boosting supplements I could find. Maitaki Mushrooms (look it up) AHCC, AVE',lactoferrin 100% natural.Beta Glucan3/6. I really don't know if they are having positive effects but I am willing to try. I have 2 girls 5&6. I'll do all in my power to beat this. Good Luck. Look forward to hearing from you.

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