HI I am new and a survivor of stage 2 cervical cancer

HI I am first and foremost thankful to be here so many prayers went out for me when diagnosed! I had to have a full hysterectomy and the surgeon went over board and removed 45 cancer free lymph nodes (go figure) and now I have full blown lymphedema elephantitis in both legs and I hate it because I used to have beautiful and sexy legs. I try my best to not complain and I know I got a second chance in life, but we all do get frustrated specially in knowing this surgeon really did not need to remove that many lymph nodes and there was also absolutely no cancer growth in any other organ or tissue because they were tested during surgery. And then also this surgeon insisted on clinical trial for radiation and chemo and I was like ,,, why?,, I have no cancer anywhere and you removed enough lymph nodes to choke a horse,, but she insisted because it would make my possibility of any return of cancer to a small number. So ,, to say the least I did it and now wish I had not done it because of all the side effects and the things my body has gone through for the past 6 years. I know I sound very upset but the clincher is this surgeon was thrown out of practice within a year after my surgery.

So I took 45 radiation external treatments and 2 internal and 3 bouts of chemo and all of them were supposedly very small doses ,,, thank God! I would hate to see what would have become of me if they were any bigger. My point is we need to be more aware of the physicians and be able to research better when these situations come about and I wish I had gotten a 2nd opinion.

Well ladies hope the best for all of you and thanks for reading my post!
Blessings to all of you,, it is well deserved!