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Dear Readers,
My uncle is going through renal cell carcinoma cancer.The illness is come to know very late.in October 2008 he got problems like blood in urin and pain during the urination.Then the urologist suggested to go for prostate but before prostate he suggested to see a cardiaclogist for through checkup.But cardiologist suggeted and forced to go for angiography and he detected for IVC thrombu and started to give warferin for 15 days.After this we again contacted urologist as uncle was getting increased pain.So he decided to go for prostate operation.The operation done and we got a relief for few days only.Then again the problem started and he suggested for the CT scan and after CT scan it was came to picture that uncle is having a kidney /RCC cancer.We have taken him to many hospitals but each suggested not to operate as the stage is a critical stage.His age is 63 years and weight is 50kg.His life doesnt seen any big illness.
We dont know why such good human being and an honest man got such uncurable decease.Doctors denied to go for radiotherapy,chemotherapy and others.We are at our best trying with natural immunotherapy like giving him honey,fresh fruits and vegetables,eggs,meats etc.Doctors have suggested not to give any treatment just wait and watch.But how can u let some lovedone to die like this.Doctors have given a 7-8months life means from January to september 2009.I dont believe this because all is in God's hands.I have heard that cancer patient'sbody becomes very tough and can fight cancer virus.
I request all my brothers and sisters that how can I cope with the situation.We are also trying with massage and acupuncture therapy.Environment around him is kept very healthy and happy.But he just keeps his eyes and thinks for hours.WE are very helpless as he was agood businessman and before his illness on the last day also he was involved in dealings.
I request please help and give suggestions.Thanks for reading.I am thankful to american cancer society for its guidence and help.Please keep the help continue to all mankind.God bless you.
Riyaz Ahmed (India)

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