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sexuality and radiation treatment

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I was wondering if women have problems achieving orgasm after pelvic radiation. I figure the more problems I know going in the better prepared I will be for lifestyle changes I may need to make.

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I'm not sure how to phrase this - I think it's good to know about potential side effects but the mind can be "programmed" in a way to "expect" things to happen - and PERCEPTION is REALITY.

I would encourage you to BELIEVE that you CAN and WILL have a full and enjoyable life post treatment.

All the best to you,

Mary Ann

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I think Mary Ann makes a very true statement. When I was afraid that sex would hurt me, or that I might get some kind of an infection due to low immunity, I was too tense. (My husband was also afraid that he might hurt me.) But once my oncologist assured me, after radiation, that I wasn't all that small inside, and my husband assured me that I didn't seem shorter inside to him, I relaxed and let myself enjoy the experience. Psychologically, being told I was physically able to have enjoyable sex helped me get my confidence back. I think it also helped me that I lost 10 of the 'chemo pounds' I gained, and that I feel so much more attractive now that I have eyelashes and brows and a little bit of hair covering my formerly-bald head. And I guess I am filled with such JOY at being done with treatment and that I feel so ALIVE right now. And this is a part of all that, as I truly trust that you will discover when you finish your treatments!

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I agree wtih MaryAnn and Linda - I haven't begun my radiation treatments yet - but according to the Dr - it shouldn't affect my ability to enjoy sex or reach orgasms.


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Did you have any trouble with discomfort after radiation with sex-does it get better with time?

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I think my "problems" after my radical hysterectomy, radiation and chemo were more related to the surgery. I never thought about it, and "they" don't tell you, that your cervix (is that the right "Part"? ) has to be moved to attach somewhere else inside you. So, your body feels different to your partner. Also, my tumor extended down from the uterus into the cervix, so I was definitely shorter inside. And, I had absolutely no natural lubrication.

Sex was uncomfortable, and I definiely could not feel the same "good" stuff as before. However, it does tend to get better over time, and a caring partner will work through those issues with you.

The fact is, though, it is never "the same". I am sure you will agree being alive and healthy is the most important thing.

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The only problem I am having after radiation is a bit of discomfort-my radiation doctor says it is from the scarring caused by the radiation. We are working through it . Orgasm is not a problem

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i found this article on one of the other boards. i am nervous about radiation and its effects too (i'll start my course in november). i am not sexually active but this article has some helpful ideas for things to do for the affected parts of the body. i think just knowing and taking things slowly and gently will help.


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