Just DX'd with severe squamous dysplasia/carcinoma in-situ (VAIN III/CIS)

After 17 years clear of cervical cancer, I had a more than abnormal PAP (PAPS were always abnormal because of the radiation). Colposcopy result with VAIN III/CIS on right apex vagina. Because I had so much radiation (internal and external) with the cervical cancer that option for treatment is off the table. Surgery is the other as well as chemo. Oncologist wants to start with a 12 week treatment using Aldara with an applicator. Everything I looked at on the web shows this to be a very caustic medicine with some bad side effects. I just went through a total hip replacement 4 months ago and still recovering from that with continuing pain. I am not looking forward to fighting pain battles on two fronts! Does anyone know of any alternative, more natural ways to boost the immunity (that's what the Aldara is suppose to do)?