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Prayers Needed

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Hi, I need some prayers. I’m having my 1st radiation treatment for the 1 ½ inch tumor on my vaginal cuff. It is in between my bladder and colon. My CA had gone from 241 to 865 in a month. They stopped my chemo. I will be having radiation everyday for 4 weeks, except Sat. and Sun. I heard that the side effects can be worse than chemo in some women. I was wondering if it shrinks the tumor, can the tumor start to grow again after treatment. I know there are a lot of women who had tumors shrunk by chemo. Unfortunately the chemo’s I was on did nothing.I'm praying so hard that this radiation does the trick and I finally get a break.
Hugs and Prayers Terry

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Hello Terry, I am so sorry you have to go through all this. I will be praying for you big time.
Hugs, Caz

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Someone just told me on this board to Stay Strong as I am going through a rough spot right now and I will pass that on to you too - stay strong. When you go through chemo it can play with your emotions too so be aware of that as well if you are feeling teary and low.

It's hard to know what to say about your question on tumours shrinking and perhaps later growing back as each person responds differently to different forms of chemo and so there is not one answer. I am doing and have done visualization and it does help me and you might want to try that too if you haven't already.

Just envision the tumour and then envision it being destroyed in anyway you like - blow it up in your mind - shrink it til it disappears - whatever makes you more comfortable and is easiest for you.

All the best in your battle with cancer, you can win. I am a 20 year survivor of non hodgkins lymphoma. They just found a node in my right ovary so now I am being investigated for that. I'm still holding out hope that it is just a cyst. You have my prayers.

Blessings, Bluerose

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You're in my prayers, Terry. Please let us know what the radiation treatment was like & whether the whole protocol regime is brachy or a mix of internal and targeted external rads. They've come a long way with radiation in the last couple of years in protecting your uninvolved tissue and bones from 'friendly fire'. Try not to let the horror stories of women who had radiation years ago worry you over-much about long-term side effects. I had a ton of radiation and can see no lastng side effects at all. I pray that you will also come out on the other side of this with your tumor gone and your old life back. ((((Terry))))

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Terry -
I haven't been on the site in a while as I'm dealing with some pretty severe depression & anxiety, but it breaks my heart to get on here and see my friends dealing with all of these things. You will definitely be in my prayers - I am sure stopping your chemo is scary enough and having to try something new just adds to that.

Be well and know we are thinking of you. Big hugs!

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Hi Terry,
You have my prayers and good thoughts for a complete success with the treatments, and an extra prayer for you to have an easy time of it.

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You are in my prayers also....I know it is hard not to be scared but as Linda said they have come along way with radiation treatments.
((HUGS)) Joan

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Hi Terry - Stay strong and you are in my thoughts.


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Dear Terry,

I am so glad to read they are doing radiation to get the cancer in your vaginal cuff. I know other women that had rads, when their tumors reached a certain size, and the radiation got rid of it and it never returned. Some people get tired from the rads but other than that I haven't heard other negatives.

I am praying that this does the trick for you too and you get a LONG BREAK.


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You certainly will be in my prayers. I'm sorry you are going through this, but I hope it works and works extremely well. Please update us frequently.
Love and hugs, Carol

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I am sorry that you have to go through this,
but let's hope and pray that it will lead you
to a very long remission...

~Susan xoxo

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Praying for you Terry.

In His Grip,

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I had surgery when I came out of remission about 4 yrs. ago and that is where they did the surgery on the vaginal cuff. I had never known our vagina had a cuff, but they never did radiation. I have not been in remission since (not to scare you) but I am anxious to hear how the radiation does. I would love to talk with you sometime.
You are in my prayers!

God bless you and give you peace that passes all understanding!

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Hi Terry,
I just prayed for you that the radiation will shrink your tumor without any side effects. God Bless you.


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My thoughts and prayers are with you. I will light a candle for you in Church tomorrow! With care and concern. Lisa

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Bushels of prayers headed your way! Cindy

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It has been about a month and I am wondering how you are with the radiation. Are you just about over that treatment? Will keep you in my prayers. Saundra

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Hope you are managing everything well, and that the treatments are doing their job. Praying for a break for you.


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Terry, just keep the faith sweetie and all of us are praying for your full recovery. It will be a year that I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer next month. I have to have follow-ups of CT scan and blood work but that I can handle. Stay strong and don't keep anything inside. We are here whenever you need to talk and its very helpful in getting things off your chest. Take care and God bless.


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I've read your situation with radiation...has it helped? Just wondering and hoping you are OK. There are so many different treatments, hopefully you are seeing some improvement.
Please post...until then I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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I think ladyjogger is on a vacation and may not be posting at this time, Linn1.

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