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On Sunday morning approx 04:30am as I always go out and have a cup of Coffee and my few cigs our in my back yard by the pool as I just sat down in my chair I felt the hand of the Almighty GOD place his hand on the side of my head (Rightside from the temple to the back of my head. I could feel the pressure and then there was this wonderful warmth radiating from my temple to the back of my head. this lasted approx. 10 minutes. It felt so strong and healing. I didn't get emotional at all. It was a great experence to feel him. I had to wait for a couple of hours to tell my wife as I didn't want to scare her with all the excitment at tthat Time of the morning. She worries about me gong outside at night alone with my having seizures ever few weeks or so. And I understand. I am very carefull. I have 17 more radiation treatments left counting today. Still on my Cheo (Temador). I feel so great now. Each day I feel stronger and stronger. Healthier and healthier. Can't wait to get my next MIR SCAN In August. OH we can't wiat. Glod Bless you all. Today and for every. Dave

I go out back and have my coffee and smoke just about every hour and while I am outside I site there and PRAY to the Almighty God, our Sweet Lord and Father Francis X. Seelos for about a total of 20 minutes for all of us who are have Cancer and to help man find out what causes and the bio change of the cells to stop it for ever.

MAY GOD Bless YOU all. I haven't felt this good physically and mentally in a long, long time.
16 more treatmenst now. I couldn't wait to get back home and update this message board from what I started this morning.

May God the All mighty Bless you all and your families!!!!!