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Vicodin/Hydrocodone...is this a "normal" pain med you take for your pains and aches?

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Hi everyone,

Lately my mom has been having lots of abdominal pain, around where the liver is at i guess. From this point on, im getting tired of being the doctor and guessing what and where is...my question is now is Vicodin, or Hydrocodone something you take for your pains?? I ask this question because i wanted to know that its something "normal" that cancer patients take to ease the pain..i feel like she never had this pain before and she is extra hesitant to take it since she is already taking other meds plus she is "scared" of this new medicine. She took it last Friday, felt better after a few hrs, but its on going sharp pain after. So is this OK for the rest of you guys to take as a 'routine' type medicine? Im just afraid also since this medicine affects the liver already and her main problem is her liver mets.

ALSO, please give my mom great luck for tomorrow, it is the day when she meets her Oncologist regarding the results of the PET Scan after 5 chemo..im really wishing for some good news for a change.....

thanks again as always!!!

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And, first, a vibe for GOOD scan results!!!

I took Vicodin. I, like your mom, was in ALOT of pain. My tumor was against my tailbone, pushing on an old injury. My doc gave me Vicodin, but, crazy me, I 'only took it at night' because 'I didn't want to become an addict'. Silly...studies have shown that when pain meds are taken FOR pain, there is less of a chance for addiction. I finally started taking it all of the time, and WOW! did it make a difference in my view on life!

Being a pain hero is NOT good! It brings the system down, and makes you tired and sad. Better to deal with the pain, so that the treatment is tollerable.

3 months later, when the tumor had shrunk and wasn't pressing anymore, I stopped the Vicodin. My worries about addiction had been that...just worries!

Now, for me Vicodin had a set of sides. Not bad, but the biggest was I 'felt wierd' about a half hour after I took it, and felt that way for about a half hour. Knowing this, I fell asleep during the initial half hour, and didn't feel the second...lol! If I didn't sleep then, I was WIDE awake...but, again, my pain was GONE, and it was a small price to pay.

Hugs to you both!


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