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Anyone else really tired all the time?

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Joined: Jun 2009

I just can't seem to feel rested.

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You are NOT alone...!!!!! I feel tired all the time...my hair keep falling besides other symptoms. Just a couple weeks my doctor change my dose of Synthroid...hope will work for me. Now it's the worse part...waiting to my body adjust or change again my dose. How are your meds? Levels? Did you spoke to your doc?

I do know and understand how you feel.

= )

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Constant-chronic fatigue is usually a sign that you are hypo--you need more T4 or T3 hormones.

You can also experience fatigue when you are hyper--getting too much hormones. It took a while for me to recognize the difference. When I was hyper the fatigue came and went suddenly--it didn't last for hours or days. When I was hypo it was pretty much full time.

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