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child hood rabdomyosarcoma

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Joined: Jul 2009

hi i had child hood rms be tween ages 5 &6 in 1977 i have never realy talk about it i am 37 now and i dont no what to gain from this

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dconer thank you for posting your success in overcoming rms. My son kyle was diagnosed in July 09, and we are just beginning the battle. He is 21 with many years ahead of him to live. Thank you, debbie and kyle

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Hi. I am a rhabdo survivor. Diagnosed at age 30 and now celebrating my 13 years of being cancer free. I chanced upon this network 2 days ago and searched about rhabdomyosarcoma. Your message is one among those that inspired me to join and share that there is hope in battling this disease.

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Frang, Thank you so much for taking the time to write your message. My heart was over joyed to hear your age at diagnosis,(Not very many adults diagnosed with this disease to talk with) as well as how you overcame this disease and have been cancer free for 13 year. You are an inspiration to many. Kyle (age 21) continues to battle rhabdo with both chemo, and now radiation treatments. As a mother, some days are almost unbearable. We have faith and believe that he will overcome this monster, as there are many things he has left to do in this world. Thank you so much for sharing. Please email me.. would love to hear from you. dlrobinson1004@gmail.com Thank you, Debbie and Kyle

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